Lourdes warns Thelma

Lourdes warns Thelma
Lourdes warns Thelma
The next chapters of Mother’s love, Lourdes (Regina Casé) you will find that Álvaro (Irandhir Santos) had his crimes discovered by the police. And she will use the information to inform the Thelma (Adriana Esteves) that she will be the next to be caught.

This happens when Lourdes discovers a cell radio in her captivity. The prisoner begins to hear the news on the device and discovers that Álvaro is being sought by the police.

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So, as she knows that Álvaro and Thelma are accomplices, she decides to tell the villain. “The siege is closing, Thelma. An hour will come to you… ”, warns Lurdes, according to information from Notícias da TV.

“It will pick you up, Lourdes!”, replies Thelma, very irritated. The owner of the restaurant then forces Lourdes to return the radio to her, or else she will stop bringing food to her. Lurdes hands over the device, but Thelma does not hide her concern with the information.

Amor de Mãe is a novel created and written by Manuela Dias, with the collaboration of Roberto Vitorino, Mariana Mesquita and Walter Daguerre, and supervised by Ricardo Linhares. Artistic direction is by José Luiz Villamarim, directed by Walter Carvalho, Noa Bressane, Philippe Barcinski, Isabella Teixeira, Fellipe Barbosa and Kiko Marques.

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