“I thought we were close”

Like this? Actor starred in a clueless moment and sister needed to put on warm cloths; Look

The teacher Joao Luiz was the victim of a curious moment during the party that took place at the Big Brother Brasil 21 this Sunday (4).

Is that he put a bladder inside his pants and Fiuk started to “pin it down” to try to pop the object. Only the teacher didn’t like it.

“Not!”he fired. “Do not do that!”, he insisted. Visibly embarrassed, the actor apologized and looked like a few friends. “I thought we were close”, shot.

Present not moment, Lucas stretcher was also surprised.


While Gil e Juliettehad fun at the party that happened at BBB21’s house, Rodolffo e Arthur detonated the rapprochement between the two. The moment rolled in the dawn of this Sunday (4).

“Juliette became Gil’s best friend again”, shot Arthur. “Nothing is going to take away from what I’m thinking, which is just because of the game”, opined Rodolffo.

The sertanejo came out and said that she is close to the economist for pure game.

“I spoke to her yesterday: ‘Juliette, out there on the street, you have a group of people who are always together. Some are more friends, others are less, and you discover that one of the girls is sitting on the wood for you. continue bordering? ‘. She said:’ No way ‘. Then I said,’ Then why do you do this in here? ‘. I can’t swallow. I can’t help but be real. So, I think it’s her move.“he declared.


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