BBB 21: Sarah replies about Rodolffo: ‘As a couple it wouldn’t happen’

Sarah Andrade, eliminated last Tuesday (30) in “BBB 21”, commented on the relationship with Rodolffo. The former participant was asked about a possible interest in the singer during the reality show and denied the intention during the program.

The whole of Brazil was thinking that. He was very much my friend inside, but as a couple it wouldn’t happen. We have very different personalities. If there were other people, there would even be something going on in the house. But not with him.

The eliminated of the week also talked about how she saw the covid-19 pandemic while participating in reality. The former participant pointed out that she saw the situation improving when she was confined.

We knew everything that happened until December. After January 15th, we didn’t know anything. We thought everything was beautiful, wonderful. When we entered, we had news of vaccinations in the USA. We believe that everything was improving. We didn’t know that we would encounter this situation.

On the date mentioned by the participant, Brazil had 8.4 million people infected and 208,291 deaths, according to data from the media consortium that Twitter is part of. Currently, until yesterday, the numbers had risen to 12.9 million infected people and 330,297 deaths. At the time, health officials had already warned of the rise in cases due to the agglomerations and end-of-year parties.

In the program presented by Fausto Silva, Sarah highlighted that she does not regret having participated in the reality show and that she is receiving the affection of the fans after the elimination. She scored what was missing to be one of the finalists for the “BBB”.

I think the spy didn’t remember to spy elsewhere. He stayed alone in the colorful room and forgot the string. I trusted the people who were there a lot. My disappointment is very great. We cannot see the whole, there is no way. So I always tried to hear what was possible.

During the program, Faustão joked with Sarah when he remembered that the participant left the “BBB 21” with a rejection of 76.76%. “Where does this come from?” Asked the presenter.

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