While Viih Tube indicated Gil, Sarah made a live detonating the youtuber. Video!

Today the wall was drooling, confused and shouting and the responsibility of Viih Tube was great, in her speech to indicate Gil she got tangled several times and said arguments that were not very solid and not well regarded by the public here, one of the people who didn’t like what he heard and was indignant with some fans of the program was Sarah.

See what Viih Tube said in his statement: “Today I’m going to recommend Gil. I want to make it very clear that it’s not because Sarah left. The audience that follows the pay-per-view knows that, for some time now, I have been feeling new things about him, and I think he even knows about some. And this feeling that I was from one week seeing a lot of truth in him, a lot of confidence, and in the next suspicious and not knowing if he is on my side, made me very apprehensive and with a lot of doubt. When I found out that I was an option for him and Sarah, I was even more scared ”, justified the youtuber.

Viih Tube still went on and quoted Sarah’s name in her speech: “I want to make it very clear to you, Gil, now that Sarah left this week, I saw a very beautiful glow in you. Because I feel that, really, there is a side to you of the dog that I love. You at the party, with friends, enjoyment, your happiness, infect me ”, she said.

Sarah couldn’t help herself and ended up cursing the participant outside in a live with Bill: “Oh, that rancid! Guys, how fake! I knew I had to be suspicious of this girl. Get my name out of your mouth, snake! Clean the poison! Unnecessary! ”said the blonde, indignant. Arcrebiano also could not contain himself and ended up releasing: “False! I had long suspected it! ”, WL!

See the video:


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