MPRJ recommends that the city of Rio give priority to vaccinating people with disabilities | Rio de Janeiro

MPRJ recommends that the city of Rio give priority to vaccinating people with disabilities | Rio de Janeiro
MPRJ recommends that the city of Rio give priority to vaccinating people with disabilities | Rio de Janeiro
A deadline of ten working days has been established for sending a response to the recommendationDisclosure / MPRJ

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Published 04/03/2021 5:45 PM

Rio – The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ) issued this Thursday (01) a recommendation, together with the Municipal Secretary of Health of Rio, for measures to be taken in order to ensure the completion of the vaccination of elderly, priority for vaccination of people with down syndrome and people with disabilities. The request was made through the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Collective Guardianship of the Person with Disabilities and the Public Prosecutor’s Office for the Elderly in the Capital, in partnership with the State Public Defender’s Office (DPERJ), via the Center for Assistance to People with Disabilities (NUPED) and Special Assistance Center for the Elderly (NEAPI).According to the MP, institutions point out that people with down syndrome were expressly included in the 5th Edition of the National Vaccination Operationalization Plan as one of the comorbidity groups of the 3rd phase of vaccination, recognizing the greatest risk of aggravation and death by Covid-19 infection due to chromosome 21 trisomy. Thus, the vaccination of these people with disabilities is provided for in the 4th phase, together with all categories of essential services.

Despite this, there was an edition of the State Decree, made on March 30, 2021, which goes against the priorities already foreseen in the PNI (National Immunization Program), anticipating the beginning of the vaccination of the Group of Workers of the Security Forces, extending the Municipal Guards and Civil Defense, already in the first half of April. According to MPRJ arguments, at the time, even the priority group of elderly people would not have been fully vaccinated, with groups of people with Down Syndrome, comorbidities and with disabilities still without the immunizer.Thus, the document contains the following recommendations: that a new edition of the Municipal Plan for Immunization Against Covid-19 be prepared, in which the priority of people with Down Syndrome in the 3rd phase is foreseen, according to the 5th update of the National Plan, and of other persons with permanent disabilities in the 4th phase of the vaccination plan, in order to ensure that they have priority over other persons, in compliance with the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Brazilian Law for the Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, the vaccination of the subsequent group should only be started after the immunization of that priority group has ended. It also recommends that the vaccination of the group of elderly people, with Down, comorbidities and disabilities be completed, in order to advance to the others, including those provided for in the State Decree.

According to the MP, the new edition of the Municipal Plan should provide, in the field referring to the description of the target audience, the concept of disability indicating that the proof of the condition of a person with disabilities is preferably made through a document, such as example: public or private network report, regardless of expiration date, indicating the deficiency; free public transport cards; supporting documents for assistance in rehabilitation centers or specialized units; official identity document indicating the disability; prescriptions or any other document indicating that it is a person with a disability.Also according to the recommendation, the Municipal Immunization Plan should clarify that the self-declaration should be used only secondarily, if the person to be vaccinated does not have any supporting documents. For this, it is recommended that the Municipality make available an accessible and easy-to-speak form, in which the person is warned about the crime of ideological falsehood.

Complementing the recommendation, the MP also indicates the search for strategic places, considered as a reference in serving the public with disabilities and endowed with accessibility, so that they become vaccination posts; the use of the Drive-Thru strategy and the provision of a channel for the prior scheduling of home vaccination for bedridden disabled people; in addition to the active search of these people between 18 and 59 years old, to guarantee their effective vaccination.

The City of Rio has a period of ten working days to send a response to the recommendation.

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