Vaccination schedule for seniors over 65 is reopened in Porto Velho

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The city of Porto Velho continues to vaccinate the elderly over the age of 65. The schedule was reopened on Saturday (3). Vaccination takes place from 1 pm on Monday (5) and continues until Friday (9) at Centro Universitário São Lucas (Campus 2).

When accessing the website to make the appointment, it is necessary to inform the personal data, click on the location option, choose the date and time of the vaccination according to the options presented. To guarantee your place, you must confirm the choices on the blue button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Seniors aged 65 to 69 are part of the second phase of the Immunization Plan and the goal established by the Ministry of Health is to vaccinate 11,542 people in this age group. The vaccination of this public started on March 30 and until April 1, about 4,500 people were immunized with the first dose of the CoronaVac vaccine.

Last Thursday (1st), Porto Velho received 11,990 doses of vaccine, 10,090 from CoronaVac and 1,900 from Astrazeneca. However, according to Technical Report sent by the Ministry of Health, all must be for the application of the second dose.

For this action, the City will make available 3 thousand remnants of previous actions to continue the immunization of this public.

2° dose

Elderly and health workers with a scheduled date on the vaccine card for the period from 5 to 9 April will also be vaccinated. For these cases, scheduling is not necessary, just present the vaccine card confirming the first dose and a photo ID.

The immunization of the second dose will occur from 13h on Monday (5) and continues until Friday (9) at Centro Universitário São Lucas – Campus 2.


Immunization of the population continues to happen throughout the long holiday. According to the manager of the Semusa Immunization Division, Elizeth Gomes, Porto Velho did not stop vaccinating.

“Our itinerant vaccination teams are from Good Friday in the districts along BR-364 to Nova California and also in Baixo Madeira to Calama, including vaccinating all adjacent lines”, explains Elizeth. (THERE)

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