Seven Peruvian doctors become infected with covid-19 after being vaccinated

Seven Peruvian doctors become infected with covid-19 after being vaccinated
Seven Peruvian doctors become infected with covid-19 after being vaccinated

Seven Peruvian doctors contracted covid-19 after being vaccinated and three of them are hospitalized in intensive care units, reported on Saturday (3) the Social Health Insurance (EsSalud).

The seven contagions occurred in Piura (1,000 km north of Lima) and four doctors who had received the two doses of the vaccine are at home, said the manager of EsSalud in that region, Dr. José Céspedes.

“It is important to say that these [três] doctors who are in the intensive care unit had received [apenas] the first dose and after they got infected. They didn’t even complete the second dose ”, informed Céspedes at a press conference.

Doctors have suffered hard from the pandemic, which does not give the country a respite, with 401 deaths, according to the Medical College of Peru. Another 60 were in intensive care at the end of March, according to the latest bulletin released by the union.

“The others [quatro médicos] who completed the second dose became infected before 15 days ”of the second vaccine, informed Céspedes.

The regional head of EsSalud attributed the contagions of his seven colleagues – who work in different hospitals – to which “sometimes we trust and think we are not going to get” the covid-19.

“As was said from the beginning, every person who is immunized is not free to become infected with the virus at some point, the effectiveness is that the person will not reach severe stages of the disease,” explained the doctor.

Peru started vaccination on February 9 with doses of Chinese Sinopharm and the first phase is aimed at health personnel, military personnel, firefighters and the elderly. The goal is to immunize 25 million of the 33 million Peruvians, but the campaign is progressing slowly.

The country has been experiencing the second wave of the pandemic since December and on Thursday recorded a daily record of almost 13,000 contagions, up from the record 8,340 of the first wave in mid-August.

Peru has accumulated 1.5 million infections and more than 52,000 deaths since the pandemic broke out 13 months ago.

This week, the contagions reached almost 8,000 per day, on average, and for two months almost 200 people have died daily.

To contain covid-19, a mandatory national quarantine is in place during the four days of the Holy Week holiday.

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