Healthy food does not exist

Healthy food does not exist
Healthy food does not exist

I don’t know why I get fat if I only eat healthy foods”. Have you heard (or spoken) this? So let me guarantee you one thing: there is no healthy food, or slimming. Not one that deserves to be completely excluded.

Diet to lose weight

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Diet to lose weight

This pattern of binary thinking and behavior diverts our attention from what actually causes us to put on weight. Because the blame for weight gain is not on a single food.

By the way, what does healthy food mean? For some, they are all products of plant origin. For others, one that comes straight from nature. There are still those who think that good food is one that has no carbohydrates, or that is free of fats.

All of these definitions have already been listed and tested in several scientific publications. The conclusion is that excluding one food or another because it does not fit these rules, or because it has too much or too little of a nutrient, only distances us from a balanced diet. There it is: there is no healthy food, but there is, how to adopt a healthy diet. And it does not go through radicalisms.

Health is not a nutrient

Many people insist on saying that carbohydrate food is not good and fattening. “Carbohydrate becomes fat in the body”. But and items with a lot of fat, what will they become?

Then a smart guy can say: but I only eat protein sources, like meat, fish and chicken! Sorry to report, but these items also have fat. And the protein itself carries its calories.

This story of choosing a food as a villain or a good guy from the nutrient that predominates in its composition is a bore. And it is a bore that sabotages your dish.

Take rice and beans as an example. Isolated, they provide some nutrients for the body. But when mixed, they become a good source of protein. If you eat only beans and discard “food with a lot of carbohydrates”, you will miss the opportunity to supply your body with proteins, you know?

Choosing salmon because it has “good fats” also does not mean that your diet will be healthy or weight loss. The same goes for vegan items: try eating peanuts and nuts in droves to see what happens to your belly.

The concept of health only applies when we take a step back and look at food as a whole. Do you like what you eat? Are you using the concept of moderation? Does the options vary a lot?

A healthy cardio includes you, and does not exclude food. If the goal is to lose weight, “calibrate the quantities” in your food and avoid defining villains along the way. I repeat: there is no healthy food, there is healthy food.

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