MP recommends that RJ ahead vaccination of people with down syndrome

The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro recommended that the city carry out vaccination against covid-19 for people with down syndrome, as provided by the PNI (National Immunization Plan), of the Ministry of Health.

The recommendation was issued on Thursday (1/4) in conjunction with the Public Defender’s Office of the State, the Commission for the Defense of Persons with Disabilities of OAB / RJ and the Parliamentary Front of the National Congress in Defense of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

“People with the aforementioned syndrome were expressly included in the 5th Edition of the National Vaccination Operationalization Plan, as one of the groups of comorbidity of the 3rd phase of vaccination, recognizing the greater risk of aggravation and death due to covid-19 infection due to of chromosome 21 trisomy. ”

In the recommendation, the agencies still criticize the state decision to include security forces workers in the first stages of immunization “in frontal disregard for the priorities already provided for in the PNI”.

The text emphasizes that security professionals should start to be immunized in the first half of April, “occasion when even the priority group of elderly people will not have been fully vaccinated, with the groups of people with down syndrome, comorbidities and with disabilities still being neglected. “.

The agencies also ask that the municipality of Rio await the end of the vaccination of elderly people, with down syndrome, comorbidities and disabilities to advance to the other groups.

Complementing the recommendation are other points, such as the search for strategic vaccination sites, the drive-thru strategy and the provision of a channel for the prior scheduling of home vaccinations for people with disabilities who are bedridden.

The Rio de Janeiro Health Secretariat has ten working days to respond to the recommendation.


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