Brazilian scientist produces single-dose vaccine against zikavirus | Coronavirus

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Brazilian scientist produces single-dose vaccine against zikavirus

Amid pandemic
covid-19, and the successive news from vaccines
approved and effective, another hope
appears on the horizon. That’s because the scientist Paulo Verardi
developed – in partnership with Brittany Jasperse – a vaccine for Single dose
for the zikavirus
. The information is State of Minas

O Brazilian
is part of the faculty of the University of Connecticut
(Uconn) where he teaches pathobiology classes and published, in the last days, a article
in Scientific Reports magazine, about positive tests performed in mice
for a possible vaccine
against Zika. The virus caused a epidemic
in Brazil in 2015.

The study was based on the sequence genetics
of the virus to create a particle similar
, that induces
an immune response comparable
what would happen in an infection natural

Encouraging results

With that, the duo testes
in rats using a single dose of vaccine and the results were positive
. High answer
immunological and protection
complete. Mice exposed
to the virus, in sequence, haven’t developed
the disease.

“You virus
emerging countries will not stop appear
so soon, then, we need to be prepared
. Part of the preparation is to continue the development
of these platforms
“, concluded Verardi.

O zikavirus
is part of a group known as’ flavivírus
‘, that includes: dengue
, yellow fever and fever
of the West Nile. Paulo and Brittany have already filed for patent
provisional immunizing


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