Linking lockdown to suicide cases is ‘psychiatric earthworks’, experts say

Linking lockdown to suicide cases is ‘psychiatric earthworks’, experts say
Linking lockdown to suicide cases is ‘psychiatric earthworks’, experts say

But, contrary to all expectations, the first 12 pandemic months did not result in more diagnoses of these diseases: studies published in recent weeks indicate that numbers of affected individuals even rose slightly at the beginning of the crisis, but then they remained stable thereafter.

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Other recent findings also point out that more extreme policies such as lockdown, adopted in several countries and so necessary to flatten contagion curves and prevent the collapse of health systems, have not resulted in a worsening of well-being or an increase in suicide cases. .

The thesis that links lockdown to an increase in mental illness is defended by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party), who uses this and other economic justifications to resist the need to sign decrees that close trade and reduce the circulation of people through the streets.

In a speech made to his supporters in front of the Planalto Palace on the morning of last Friday (03/19), the president returned to address the matter:

“Chaos is coming, hunger is going to take people out of the house, we are going to have problems that we never expected to have, very serious social problems. I have kept all ministers informed about what is happening. And they still blame me, as if I were insensitive when it came to death. Hunger also kills, depression has caused a lot of suicide in Brazil. Where are we going to stop? ”, He asked.

The point is that, so far, scientists have not found this dizzying rise in the numbers of depression or suicide. Studies indicate that the cases remain stable, despite all the hardship the world is experiencing.


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