delegate and health professional discuss about “xepa” of the vaccine

delegate and health professional discuss about “xepa” of the vaccine
delegate and health professional discuss about “xepa” of the vaccine
After defining the rules for the use of the remaining doses of Covid-19, called “xepa”, a health professional and a delegate from the Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) discussed the matter in Lago Sul.

A video made last Wednesday (3/31) shows the moment when the police chief, who wanted to be vaccinated, argues that the corporation is, every day, beside the Military Police, in the inspection of the curfew. “I approached 40 people, man, on Thursday,” he said.

Then, the health professional stated: “Whoever is here with us, every day, escorting the vaccines, bringing and taking, is the Military Police of the Federal District. Who is doing our security, every day, is the PM ”.

Watch the video:

Last Friday (2/4), the Union of Police Delegates of the DF (Sindepo-DF) released a note in which “expresses indignation at the treatment given to the colleague at the Lago Sul Health Center, when a nurse refused to use the leftovers from Covid-19 vaccines, stating that they would only apply them to military police officers of the 5th Battalion, in disagreement with the plan released by the DF Department of Health, which provides for use for all public security servers ”.

“This sad episode reflects the little case that the Secretariat of Health has been dismissing to Public Security employees who, despite being at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus, subjected to conditions of exposure that determine the contagion 4 times greater than the population in general, it was only last week that they received the news of the start of their immunization, which, until now, has not materialized ”, pointed out Sindepo-DF.

“It is unfortunate to see public safety professionals fighting for the leftover daily vaccines, commonly called ‘xepas’, while professionals from other areas, also included in the vaccination plan, only need to prove the condition through their records in the respective professional councils, without the need to prove that they are at the forefront of fighting Covid-19 or exercising their profession, ”he complained. According to Sindepo-DF informed the column Wide Angle, after the confusion, the delegate managed to be vaccinated.

The use of “xepa” was regulated in a circular from the Department of Health, which became effective on Monday (3/29). According to the determination of the portfolio, the immunizing agent must be applied to professionals of the public security forces of the DF, who perform street activities, provide essential services with support in inspections on a daily basis in combating agglomerations, in the distribution and escorting of vaccines, in security and maintaining order at vaccination posts, organizing transit on drives-thrus, pre-hospital care and those in service, providing local security support in the final minutes before the end of the activities of all vaccination posts against Covid-19 , following the age priority.

Check the note from Sindepo-DF, in full:

Sindepo-DF note on va… by Metropoles

What the GDF says

In a note, the Health Secretariat said that “the public to be treated with the remaining doses, when they occur, is defined in a circular and has been widely disseminated to the media”. “The circular started to be fulfilled on March 29,” he said.


The vaccination of professionals from the security forces of the Federal District will start from next Monday (5/4). Criminal police officers stationed in the Penitentiary System, as well as federal police officers and federal highway officers who work in the DF, are part of the group.

“The distribution of all doses of vaccines against Covid-19 destined for Public Security will follow the same logic, as they arrive at the DF”, said the secretary of Public Security, delegate Júlio Danilo.

The organization and posts for the application of doses will be defined according to the internal plan of each body and should take into account criteria such as age and greater exposure to the risk of contagion and transmission.

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