Vaccinated against covid-19 report hope: ‘breathe relieved’

Vaccinated against covid-19 report hope: ‘breathe relieved’
Vaccinated against covid-19 report hope: ‘breathe relieved’

São Paulo – In the country that is now the current global epicenter of covid-19, with more than 328 thousand deaths by Friday (2) those who managed to receive the vaccine against the disease are keen to emphasize the importance of the Unified Health System (SUS). In view of the escalation of cases, those who took both doses of the vaccine emphasize that they “breathe relieved”. But they warn that care against contamination by the virus continues.

Although the vaccination symbolizes the hope of better days, it is still at a slow pace in the country due to the lack of sufficient doses for the entire population and planning by the federal government. According to the balance of the consortium of press vehicles, released on Wednesday (31), so far 17,620,872 people have already received the first dose of the vaccine. The number represents, however, only 8.32% of the total inhabitants. The second dose, for example, was applied to 5,091,611 people (2.40%).

Even so, the supporter of retired 78-year-old Olga Votick is so that it will soon be the turn for all Brazilians to be immunized. Anxious to take the second dose, she guarantees that she is “happy with life”. “It is a relief to know that you are immunized. I got sick (from staying at home), because we don’t walk, we don’t do anything else in life. I never imagined that I would go through this ”, he recalls, about the difficulties experienced since 2020.

Vaccine and the importance of SUS

A retired teacher in the public school, Maria Regina Arruda, 77, who took the second dose of the vaccine this Wednesday (31), in São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo ABC, thanks SUS for the vaccination campaign. “There is no health service like SUS in the whole world”, he celebrates. Maria Regina points out that her feeling “is the best possible”. But she stresses that “it would be much better if she managed to get this genocide out of the Plateau,” he says, referring to President Jair Bolsonaro.

The professor observes that the panorama of Brazil could be less tragic were it not for the behavior of the Executive. While she “breathes a sigh of relief” at being vaccinated, she “hopes that the situation in the country will also improve”.

Those who saw the moment of immunization up close also point out that the feeling “is that everything will pass”. This is what the confectionery worker Jailson Silva describes, who took his 70-year-old mother to get the vaccine. “The cure is coming just by having a little more patience, being in isolation and taking care of each other”, he points out.

Duda Loro, who also saw his mother receive the second dose of the vaccine, recalls, however, that even people being immunized, protective care such as the use of a mask and gel alcohol should continue. “I think that everyone with this vaccine now has a hope of quick improvement after a difficult time. But to remove the fears, it does not remove the care. ”

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