ICU Covid hospitalizations of elderly people over 75 fall by half

In this saturday (3), the 66 year olds will be able to vaccinate | Photo: Health Secretariat Archive

The Department of Health continues to record a drop in hospitalizations of elderly people over 75 years of age in ICU beds due to infection by the covid-19. The month of April starts with 25 cases registered against the 53 registered in the beginning of March. According to health technicians, the low? result of the vaccination of this priority group, which started in February / March. At? this Friday (2), the Federal District registered the mark of 303,535 people in the priority group immunized with the first dose.

The vaccine for 75 year olds starts on March 4th. According to Health Secretary Osnei Okumoto, “it is possible to consider vaccination as one of the most important factors for reducing the severity of infections, what may have contributed? for the reduction of these internments “. Okumoto considers “the rate of vaccination in the DF very good and, therefore, it is necessary to thank the health professionals for their commitment and dedication”.

The drop in ICU admissions for elderly people over 80 years old was 58% comparing January to the beginning of April.

However, what is observed in the first months of 2021? that hospitalizations of people between 25 and 59 years old increased significantly. They went from 76 admissions in January to 202 in April.

Currently, the public health network has 430 ICU beds to care for patients with Covid-19. According to the Secretary of Health, 13.13% of the target audience is already was vaccinated with the first dose. Vaccination coverage considers the population currently able to receive the vaccine, who are people aged 18 or over.

* As reported by the Secretary of Health


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