Country’s health crisis slows flights with vaccine supplies, says Fiocruz

The difficulties in importing reagents and supplies in Brazil made Fiocruz “turn on the yellow alert” in relation to the national manufacture of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19. According to Maurício Zuma, director of Bio-Manguinhos – a Fiocruz unit that produces the immunizing agent – the country’s health crisis has caused foreign airlines to deny flights to Brazil. The information is from Uol.

According to Zuma, the records of deaths and new strains of the disease are the reasons for the resistance of international companies to send flights. Because of this, the production of Fiocruz’s immunizers against covid-19 is at risk, since imported materials are considered fundamental for the production line.

The director of Bio-Manguinhos also points out that the high demand for these supplies in the international market is another obstacle faced today for the acquisition.

In a note to Uol, Fiocruz admitted difficulties with international transport and cited other reasons for the cancellation of flights. “The airlines have a reduced network and are facing constant problems with a lack of crew. This scenario generates an increase in the deadlines for receiving cargo, with delays and rescheduling of flights. Boarding schedules are postponed, flights are canceled or we experience a lack of space for our aircraft cargo ”, says the statement.

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