Technology allows adult teeth to be born again

02/04/2021 08:22


02/04/2021 08:34

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Science works to improve the lives of men. But have you ever thought about a dental treatment that allows teeth to be born more than once in the mouth? A study released by Science Advances promises to transform the area of ​​mouth care.

The innovative experiment was developed by researchers at the Universities of Kyoto Fukui, Japan. For teeth to be born again, they developed a system in which monoclonal antibodies make the body work to “build” new teeth. The idea is to regenerate oral structures even after adulthood, avoiding the use of prostheses and dentures.

Credit: Rodolfo Clix / Pexels.

However, this is still an embryonic study. The tests on rats showed some genetic bizarre that should not be replicated among humans. In order for the teeth to grow, the scientists did a genetic blocking of a gene called USAG-1. He was responsible for inducing tooth replacement, causing lab rats to regenerate missing teeth.

After the tests on rats, scientists started using ferrets, mammals with teeth more similar to those of humans. During the tests it will be possible to identify whether or not this technology should be included in dental office protocols. Would you dare to grow your teeth again?

The truth is that people should not shy away from having good oral hygiene habits. Brushing your teeth allows your teeth to stay in your mouth longer. Caries are the main reasons that lead someone to lose their teeth. Keep an eye on your own health and go to the dentist at least twice a year.


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