More than 306 thousand cases of dengue in the first quarter

Espírito Santo has registered 3,627 dengue cases since the beginning of the year. No case, in 2021, died, but due to the heavy rains, the alert for the proliferation of mosquitoes is worth Aedes aegypti, responsible for the transmission of dengue, zika and chikungunya.

The female of the insect lays its eggs on the edges of the containers with standing water. After contact with the liquid and the combination with high temperatures, the eggs hatch. The reproduction cycle lasts for a week, and to interrupt this process it is necessary that the entire population is committed and attentive to possible breeding sites.

The head of the Special Nucleus of Environmental Surveillance, Roberto Laperriere Júnior, points out that the precautions to avoid the proliferation of the vector must remain throughout the year, but mainly during the rainy season.

“It is important to ensure that objects such as old tires, empty bottles, caps, gutters, plant plates, among others, are not accumulating water. Especially after heavy rains, it is necessary for each citizen to carry out frequent inspections in their homes to avoid the increase in cases of these diseases. It is worth mentioning that approximately 80% of the breeding sites are inside the houses of Espírito Santo ”, he said.


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