Doctor in SP denounces lack of structure in PS

Doctor in SP denounces lack of structure in PS
Doctor in SP denounces lack of structure in PS
A doctor who works as a doctor on duty at the PS (emergency room) in Birigui (SP) released an audio, in a WhatsApp group, criticizing the situation there. Identified as Tiago Camilo, the professional states that there is a lack of input and that he had to take money out of his own pocket to buy medicines.

The doctor also says that there are patients who are not being fed properly. He reported that the emergency room was once a management model in other opportunities, but currently professionals work in conditions of slavery.

“I go there practically every day. You see people dying all day, patients dying, crazy to take medication to try to revert the condition or change the condition, but there is no way, there is no way to do anything”, vented Tiago in the audio.

Mayor refutes denunciations

With the negative impact on social networks, the Mayor from Birigui, Leandro Maffeis (PSL), recorded a live yesterday to counter the accusations. Alongside the municipal health secretary, Cássia Rita Santana, and directors of the local emergency department, he denied the situation portrayed by the doctor.

“In one of these audios, made by this doctor, who uses slang, a strange way for a doctor to speak because of his graduation, he says of the lack of medicines in health”, criticizes the mayor. “Lack of medicine is not only in Birigui, but it is all over Brazil. The main newspapers in Brazil today are talking about medicines. Santa Casa de Araçatuba, our neighbor, released a note stating that it is close to closing the ICU-covid because there is no sedation. We here in the emergency room still have sedation “, he adds.

Sought, the administration of the emergency room of Birigui declined to comment, but confirmed that the audio is from the doctor Tiago Camilo. He was on duty and also did not talk about the case.

In a note sent to Twitter, the Municipality of Birigui reported that “the situation in the Municipal Emergency Room is no different from the reality of our region and our country, with the system collapsed due to the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic. Public and private hospitals are overloaded, without ICU beds, with difficulties to buy medicines and supplies due to lack in the market, as reported daily by the press “.

Regarding food for isolated patients with covid-19, the municipal administration states that “everyone receives a balanced meal provided by Santa Casa. The snacks, soft drinks and fruits that are donated by volunteers to the project Hands that Take Care are intended exclusively for patients and companions of clinical care “.

The city concludes that the Mayor Maffeis “has been monitoring the situation of the unit on a daily basis, as the current administration’s focus is on health and, given the critical situation of the pandemic, on saving lives”.

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