Dengue cases rise again

Dengue cases rise again
Dengue cases rise again

The Secretariat of Health of Rio Preto confirmed this Thursday, 1st, another 1,507 cases of dengue in the city, totaling 2,633. No deaths from the disease were recorded in the city in 2021. Compared to last year, this number of confirmations made in the first three months of the year represents an increase of 35%. As of April 1, 2020, there were 1,938 diagnoses of dengue.

The comparison is with the date of release of the epidemiological bulletin, not with the number of cases that each month had when all test results had already been released last year. According to the bulletins, at the beginning of April 2020 there were 2,078 cases still being investigated; this year, this number more than doubled: 4,507.

Saúde does not expect an epidemic as big this year as it did in 2019. As of April 1, 2019, there were 4,652 cases and four deaths, in addition to 5,385 tests whose results were still awaited, – in that, there were 33,200 sick patients and 19 deaths from the disease.

Transmitted by Aedes aegypti, dengue is a concern because the increase in relation to 2020 is happening at the same time as the worst moment of the Covid-19 pandemic. A large part of the resources of primary care and of the medium and high complexity of hospitals are aimed at serving patients infected with the coronavirus – including some basic health and emergency care units, which would be the gateway for most dengue patients.

To prevent their condition from becoming complicated, Health has set up a hydration center, because the lack of it is the biggest cause of aggravation for those who got dengue. From March 3 to March 31, 627 people visited the site.

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