Within a week, deaths from covid-19 increase 14% and infected 6%

The number of deaths from covid-19 in Brazil increased by 14% in Epidemiological Week (SE) 12, from 21 to 27 March. In this period, 17,798 deaths were registered, while in the previous week, 15,650 were confirmed. The moving average of deaths, which is the total number of deaths in the week divided by seven, was 2,543.

The information is in the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiological Bulletin number 56 about the new coronavirus. The document gathers the assessment of the portfolio on the evolution of the pandemic, considering the epidemiological weeks and the type of measures taken by health authorities.

The death curve during the pandemic shows an intense increase from the end of February. The result of SE 12 is more than double that of a month ago, when in SE 8 there were 8,244 new deaths.

The number of new cases registered has also increased, albeit at a slower pace. In Epidemiological Week 12, 539,903 new diagnoses were registered, equivalent to an increase of 6% in relation to the previous week, when the bulletin marked 510,901 new notifications from people infected with the new coronavirus.

According to the epidemiological bulletin, 13 states and the Federal District had an increase in cases during Epidemiological Week 12, while 9 were stable and five had a reduction. The biggest increases occurred in Rio Grande do Norte (168%) and Rio de Janeiro (51%). The most intense falls occurred in Alagoas (-30%) and Rio Grande do Sul (-19%).


When considering deaths, the number of states with an increase in curves was 17, six were stable and four had a decrease in relation to the balance of the previous week. The most representative increases were registered in Espírito Santo (72%) and Rio de Janeiro (42%). The biggest falls occurred in Roraima (-25%) and Maranhão (-9%).

Brazil continues to be the country with the most deaths due to covid-19 in epidemiological week 12, with 164% more than the second place, the United States (6,728). Next are Mexico (3,602), Italy (2,994) and Russia (2,702). While the curve of Brazil rises sharply, the curve of deaths in the USA has been moving in reverse.

Brazil also reached the highest number of cases in this SE 12, reaching a total of 539,903 new cases. Second, the United States 432,748 cases in the period. Next are India (372,494), France (256,654) and Turkey (186,421).

When considering absolute numbers of cases since the beginning of the pandemic, Brazil, with 12,490,362 infected, remains in 2nd position, behind the United States, with 30,218,683. The United States was the country with the highest cumulative number of deaths (548,829), followed by Brazil (310,550), Mexico (201,429), India (161,552) and the United Kingdom (126,813).

When the number of cases is related to the number of inhabitants, among the countries with populations over 1 million inhabitants, the highest incidence was identified in the Czech Republic (141,098.5 cases per 1 million inhabitants), followed by Slovenia (101,994.7 / 1 million inhab.), Israel (96,052.1 / 1 million inhab.), And the United States (91,294.4 / 1 million inhab.). Brazil presented a rate of 58,984.8 cases for every 1 million inhabitants, occupying the 27th position.

Regarding the mortality coefficient, which are deaths per 1 million inhabitants, among the countries with a population over 1 million inhabitants, the Czech Republic also presented a higher coefficient (2,407.1 per 1 million inhabitants), followed by Hungary (2,044.6 / 1 million inhab.), Belgium (1,973.3 / 1 million inhab.), Slovenia (1,929.4 / 1 million inhab.), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1,895.9 / 1 million inhab.) And United Kingdom (1,868.0 / 1 million inhab.). Brazil presented a mortality coefficient of 1,466.5 deaths per 1 million inhabitants, occupying the 15th place in the world ranking of mortality by covid-19.

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