Understand why we need to triple Members’ health reimbursement

Understand why we need to triple Members’ health reimbursement
Understand why we need to triple Members’ health reimbursement

You must have realized that everything related to health is much more expensive after the pandemic. This year, there was a health plan that doubled the monthly fee. And look, the majority simply suspended procedures like elective surgeries, for example. Medicines will be readjusted by another 10% tomorrow, the Federal Government has already authorized it. I see this chaos and I can only think of our federal deputies. How are you going to cope in this situation?

The personal salary of a federal deputy is R $ 33,763.00. We already paid to have a complete hospital in there because, after all, how would they survive without it? To be sure, there is also Caixa’s health plan, with the best private hospitals and a monthly fee of R $ 630.00. But the deputy has to pay 25% of the service. Hence we gave the refund. But, between us, it was mixed, only R $ 50 thousand a year. Guys, they’re going to die like this. Congressman Arthur Lira did well to triple. Now I will sleep in peace.

Envious people will say that I am exaggerating when I say that we, Brazilian citizens, have implemented a hospital within the Chamber of Deputies. I only say one thing: there is even a CT scanner. Public hospitals in the Federal District have not been able to cope with the demand for specific CT scans of COVID patients since the beginning of the pandemic. Before that, in 2018, there was a queue for the exam, nicknamed “Fila da Agonia” by the Brasília press. Now the flow has increased 5 times. Do you understand why you need a CT scanner just for the Chamber of Deputies?

Obviously, only a CT scanner would not be enough to guarantee the good health of those who guarantee ours. Let’s remember that, during the pandemic, the action of the noble federal deputies was so effective that Brazil is already vaccinating even dogs, just in case. They really did their job and deserve that we take care of their health. I will detail the internal health service of the Chamber so that you understand the need to triple the amount of reimbursements.

Coordination of Medical Emergencies
The Medical Emergency of the Chamber works full time, providing urgent / emergency care at the headquarters of DEMED and on the premises of the House. The Plenary Medical Post operates during plenary sessions. On duty, the service has doctors, nurses and nursing technicians, all of whom specialize in emergency care. It also has medical equipment such as monitors, defibrillators and respirators, in addition to a complete pharmacy infrastructure, which assists in the diagnosis and treatment of any situation in which there is an imminent risk of death. More serious patients are initially stabilized in the emergency room and then transferred to referral hospitals in equipped Mobile ICUs that meet international standards for advanced life support.

Medical Coordination
The Medical Coordination provides outpatient medical care in the areas of Cardiology, Clinical Medicine, Surgery, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynecology, Nephrology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, Medical Expertise and Occupational Medicine. It has a cardiological clinical check-up routine, directed at the parliamentarians, when laboratory, radiological and cardiological examinations are carried out, in addition to the evaluation of the clinical physician, lasting one morning, ensuring effectiveness and time optimization. It has a surgical center equipped to carry out small procedures and endoscopic exams and, also, a Radiology sector for X-ray, Ultrasound and Tomography exams. It carries out preventive programs aiming at the health and improvement of the user’s quality of life.

Nursing Coordination
The Nursing Coordination (Coenf) develops health promotion and prevention actions, managing and participating in various preventive programs developed in the Medical Department (Demed), including programs in the areas of occupational health and occupational safety, with the objective of promoting health comprehensive, preventive and labor to Demed users. Coenf provides outpatient nursing care, such as care for patients with wounds, diabetics, pregnant women and women who have recently given birth; and also performs technical and auxiliary activities for all surgical and outpatient procedures performed at the Medical Department. This Coordination also manages and executes all appointments for exams and exams and supervises the care provided by the nursing team in order to ensure quality care and reduce health risks.

Coordination of Clinical Analysis Laboratory
The Coordination of Clinical Analysis Laboratory (Colab) conducts complementary exams in the areas of hematology, biochemistry, urinalysis, parasitology, hormones, immunology and microbiology to users of the Medical Department.
Blood collection and material delivery takes place from 7:15 am to 10:30 am, Monday to Friday, without the need for an appointment, upon presentation of the medical request.
Exams that are considered urgent by the Medical Emergency Coordination are performed as required.

Radio-Image Coordination (Diagnostic support)
The Diagnostic Support Coordination brings together services in the areas of psychology, physiotherapy, nutrition and speech therapy from the Medical Department, offering the user individualized or group care, with the aim of contributing to their integral health.
Elaborates prevention and health promotion programs and participates in Demed initiatives to improve the quality of life of the server, among them the Weight Control Program, Stress Management Course, Sleep Clinic, Diabetic Assistance Program and Health Care Program. Pregnant women.

Of course, that would not be enough to serve the deputies, so we pay more for them. The Caixa plan has a monthly fee of R $ 630 because part of it is subsidized by us. Then there was this mixuruca refund of only R $ 50 thousand per year, paid by us as well. But, depending on the case, the Board of Directors of the Chamber already released higher reimbursements. They say that we paid R $ 150 thousand for a dentist for some. Fair enough, my friends. But it is just as well that this week, the idea was to triple the automatic refund. Now it is R $ 135 thousand a year, twice the average income of the Brazilian family.

According to the Chamber, tripling the right of deputies to reimbursement will not increase household expenses. It is possible and does not matter at all. Tripling the amount of the fair reimbursement this week opens up how the deputies see the Brazilian citizen. We reached the peak of the pandemic, more than 3,000 dead per day, people dying without getting an ICU, oxygen is lacking, intubation kits are missing, there is a queue at a cemetery and crematorium. The omission of the Legislative is complicit in the result. And what does the mayor do? Increases the health reimbursement of parliamentarians. It is pure debauchery.

To date, the Federal Government has not presented a concrete plan to combat the COVID pandemic. (If you want to curse, go to the correct counter: it is the Federal Government itself that says in an official document that it does not have a plan). You and I have been able to debate and kick at ease on this matter, but we have no power to compel anyone who has already been paid to make such a plan to work. Who has? The National Congress, Senate and Chamber of Deputies. The Attorney General’s Office. Both did not do so and even increased health care for their own members. As Ronnie Von would say, it means.

So far, only the Federal Audit Court has officially asked the Federal Government to present the minimum obligation in a pandemic: the concrete plan for combat. Governors lost the tram of history last year, when they preferred individual actions and political clashes instead of demanding a concrete National Plan. There is no example in the history of fighting epidemics and pandemics without national coordination. It is necessary to have the same basic policies in the territories where people move freely.

The text made by the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies to justify the increase in the health reimbursement of parliamentarians seems a piece of fiction. He says that “medical inflation” exceeds inflation in Brazil and abroad, which is true. It also explains that the most modern techniques of medicine are more expensive. In addition, people are taking more care of themselves and aging. Therefore, in the accumulated since 2015, the R $ 50 thousand of reimbursement today is equivalent to R $ 135 thousand. It would be comical if it were not tragic. Where is the public spirit of those who sign such a mockery in the face of absolute chaos?

It is not enough to give more health privileges to the deputies themselves, it also needs to spoil our minimum rights. What has the National Congress done so far to guarantee vaccines? Repudiation Notes. The new proposal is that the private sector can buy vaccines and apply them without national coordination or an epidemiological method to contain the pandemic. They take advantage of the desperation and goodwill of the business community to appear as if they are doing something. Had they done the least of the obligation, we would all be vaccinated.

It is understandable that people try every way to bring more vaccines in the face of chaos. I assess the desperation of those who have money in hand to buy vaccines and lose friends and family day after day. Unfortunately, the virus is not moved by our good intentions. Viral epidemics and pandemics are only fought with vaccines and they need to be applied according to epidemiological standards to contain the spread and the chance of mutation of the virus as much as possible. If not, the chances of an immune mutation to the vaccines already developed increase. It is a very dangerous risk, which would mean throwing all vaccination in the trash.

The Chamber of Deputies has several commissions that should have charged the national plan to combat the pandemic in the first place. It could also have called the Judiciary to charge. Maldosos would say that they don’t need any of that because sealing on social networks and making disapproval notes gives the same marketing result without creating a fight with the government at the time. Pure evil. This is also not why the Federal Government was never charged for every vaccine purchase it could have made and did not do, last year. Suddenly, the deputies didn’t know about any of this, right? They had their heads in another world with this affliction of delayed health reimbursement.

It is in the storm that the sailor is known. The House will want to hang the blame on Arthur Lira, who signed the health reimbursement increase debauchery just this week. Each deputy who is silent is conniving. Swearing on a social network and making a note of repudiation is also tantamount to being silent to people who have assumed political power. Where’s the action? There are countless instruments to question and reverse the act, either out of respect for the dignity of the citizen or out of public spirit.

We live in a moral sty so established that we lack strength to put in place those to whom we give power. The average salary of Brazilian families is R $ 5,000. Our representatives know that they earn almost 7 times that. In the midst of a pandemic in which they had a duty to care for health, which is our right, they are looking at their own navel and selling dreams to the desperate. We have already paid for the Federal Government’s work, the vaccine, the vaccine advertisement and even the National Congress to intervene if none of this is done. It turns out that they decided not to deliver.

It looks like a macabre opera. We, citizens, take care of our despair in “each one for themselves” and trying any and all work that brings at least a sense of relief. We pay nababescan salaries to a structure of control of the powers, in the National Congress and Public Ministry. Those who are part of it did not act when they had an obligation, let the virus be more efficient than the Brazilian. In the face of chaos, their own privileges increase.

All power emanates from the people and will be exercised in their name. This is the minimum obligation for anyone who assumes power, via election, nomination or contest. And why don’t they do it? Because they don’t have to. As long as they can divide us with political clashes with no practical effect or the announcement of the next savior of the country, they are armored. Nobody will come to save us. We are the ones who need to save ourselves, learning to put the citizen above the powerful and closing our ears to the siren calls that invariably defeat us.

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