Shopkeeper says he gives ivermectin and lets contaminants work, and reignites controversy over prophylaxis

01 / Apr 20:41
By Editorial Staff / Petrópolis Tribune



What started with the attempt to claim the reopening of non-essential commerce in Petrópolis has turned into a fighting ring that involved a businessman on Rua Teresa, two councilors and even a doctor. The social networks were just confusion and shouting this Wednesday and Thursday (1st).

Without the proven efficacy and advised against the treatment of covid-19 by the manufacturer itself, ivermectin ended up becoming fuel to put more fuel on the fire between those who are for and against early treatment.

The sincere statement that caused the discord

On one side of the ring is businessman Nelson Baptista, owner of the Oxigênio store, on Rua Teresa. He advocated early treatment, in an interview, and went further: Baptista said he distributed ivermectin to employees and went further: he claimed that he allowed those infected with the new Coronavirus to continue working.

On the other side of the ring, there is the doctor Diogo Antunes Macedo, who was the coordinator of the Center’s Emergency Care Unit (UPA). Diogo published a video warning about the increase in cases of covid-19 and criticizing the posture of those who advocate early treatment. In the same vein, councilor Yuri Moura (PSOL) made a representation against the businessman in the Public Ministry of Labor denouncing the risk to which the employees exposed.

Separate the popcorn and sit that there comes history

Presented on the sides, just sit on the sofa and check a summary of the timeline social networks to follow the shack. Yes: the offense show was all done in public posts on Facebook and Instagram.

It all started on the afternoon of Wednesday (31), when businessmen wanted to meet with the interim mayor to demand the reopening of non-essential trade and came face to face with the locked gate. Amid the fuzuê, businessman Nelson Baptista granted an interview to the website Giro Serra stating that he bought ivermectin to medicate his employees.

“The covid is here to stay, we are all going to get covid. Have no doubts. But you have to do the treatment early. Back at my company, I pay ivermectin to all my employees. And there have been cases of employees who took covid and were treated at my expense, and there was not a day left if you want to work. Because? Because they were feeling well. Because they were being medicated ”.

The controversial statement even went viral in the national press, being published in vehicles such as UOL and the website of journalist Sidney Rezende, presenter of CNN Brasil.

Case ends up in the Labor Prosecutor’s Office

After the entrepreneur’s declaration went viral, councilor Yuri Moura (PSOL) filed for representation at the Public Ministry of Labor against the businessman’s action. “There is no early treatment. It is very irresponsible to sell a false medicine to the people. This reduces social engagement and everyone’s dedication to protection measures, ”said Moura.

The doctor’s outburst: “gang scoundrels” who “drive a car instead of asking for a vaccine”

The group of businessmen asked interim mayor Hingo Hammes (DEM) for the provisional government to back down with the decree that closed some activities, authorizing the reopening of stores. The event was attended by councilman Octávio Sampaio (PSL), enthusiastic about early and prophylactic treatment against covid-19.

Octávio Sampaio was the author of an indication, approved by the Chamber, that asks for the use of ivermectin by SUS. The bolsonarista parliamentarian, who says he uses the medicine regularly as a preventive measure, posted a video on social networks taking the medicine. Octávio also leads in Petrópolis the movement against restrictive measures and in favor of early treatment against covid-19. Last Saturday, the group made a motorcade through the streets of the city defending this agenda.

In the midst of this scenario, the doctor Diogo Antunes Macedo made an outburst in his social networks about the current situation of the municipality. In the video, the doctor criticizes the posture of those who are leaving and gathering at barbecues unnecessarily.

“Either we close the city for good and everything, or I don’t know what’s going to happen. Because people will die at home without assistance. And it’s your fault again. And all of you who are doing it wrong. You who drive on the street instead of asking everyone for a vaccine, because it is the only way out. Go to the street to ask for early treatment. You, that dirty, scounding gang. That we are tired of these disgusting people. We have more than 300 thousand dead and people go to the street to ask for everything open. This is insanity, this is a scandal with the human being ”.

The doctor’s outburst also went viral on social media. And, feeling “part” in the discussion, councilor Octávio Sampaio did not fail: he recorded another video in response to the doctor.

“Look at this video, this type of doctor is going to see you at the UPA. What are you going to prescribe? You will get there with covid symptom. What will he give you? Ah, if you feel fever, take a dipyrone, if it gets worse, come back here. Back here for what? To be intubated, to die? It is this type of guy who criticizes early treatment and calls people who advocate early treatment for scoundrels ”.

Call Geppetto! After the broth spilled, a businessman says it was all… fake news

After the great negative repercussion of his testimony in the interview, Nelson Baptista released a note, in a very different tone from the heat of the agglomeration in front of the Sérgio Fadel Palace, saying that … he lied. That’s right: he lied in the interview.

“In the eagerness to try to solve the problem that the local business community is in, and in the desperation to see the stores closed and in danger of bankruptcy, it ended up providing” untruths “about the exposed situation”.

Nelson clarified in the note that “in 2020, at the first total closing of the trade, Nelson’s company reduced the number of employees and today it has only one employee – who, six months ago, was positive for covid, but who received all medical care at public network and stayed at home for the recommended time: 14 days ”, says the note.

He further stated that he did not even offer ivermectin to any employee. And he apologized for the wrong words, which he classifies as being said in the “heat of emotion”, provoked by the moment of protest.

After all: can that, WHO?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the answer is not. This Wednesday, the organization recommended not using ivermectin for early treatment against covid-19. So far, there is no scientific and medical study that proves the effectiveness of the drug in the early treatment or in combating the symptoms of covid.

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