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Coronavirus: Labor Prosecutor's Office to investigate distribution of 'covid kit' by companies revealed by BBC
Reproduction: BBC News Brasil
Coronavirus: Labor Prosecutor’s Office to investigate distribution of ‘covid kit’ by companies revealed by BBC

The Labor Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the distribution of ” kit covid
“by Brazilian companies revealed by a BBC News Brasil report.

The agency will institute a procedure to investigate complaints.

At least four companies in São Paulo, Paraná and Santa Catarina are paying for “early treatment” or distributing the “covid kit”, as it became known for a set of drugs with no proven efficacy or already proven ineffective for Covid-19.

The representative of one of the companies told BBC News Brasil that employees have the autonomy to refuse “treatment”.

The supposed early treatment
, or “covid kit”, usually refers to a combination that includes ineffective drugs or even in studies against covid-19, such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, azithromycin, vitamin D, vitamin C, among others, which can have side effects.

patient being attended to
REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli
Doctors warn that many patients who arrive at the ICU have taken ‘covid kit’ drugs

This Wednesday (3/31), the World Health Organization ( WHO
) recommended that ivermectin should not be used in patients with covid-19, except in clinical trials.

According to heads of Intensive Care Units (ICUs) of reference hospitals in Brazil, the use of the “covid kit” has contributed in different ways to increase deaths in the country
, as BBC News Brasil showed.

Worldwide pandemic figures indicate that most people who contract covid-19 recover. For this reason, according to experts, medicines presented as “cures” end up “stealing credit” from what was just a natural improvement.

For labor lawyer Sergio Batalha, companies distributing the “covid kit” to employees or paying for the so-called “early treatment” is imprudent and illegal, since the employer cannot do anything that puts the employee’s health at risk.

More than 321,000 people have died in Brazil as a result of the covid-19. This Wednesday (3/31), a new record of deaths was recorded, according to a bulletin from the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass): 3,869 lives lost in one day.

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