Covid-19 and flu vaccines cannot be taken together, say doctors

April arrives with the start of a new national flu vaccination campaign. Immunization for the target audience starts on April 12, but the start has already been made in private clinics.

A warning is that the target audience for the flu vaccine has many similarities to the list of priorities for immunization against Covid-19. However, doctors warn that the two immunizers cannot be taken simultaneously, at risk of ineffectiveness.

“You need an interval of 14 days before or after taking one of the vaccines since one immunizer will interfere with the production of antibodies in the other,” says doctor Roberto Florim. “The flu vaccine helps to avoid overlapping infections. The individual with the flu if they acquire Covid-19 or vice versa, is more likely to have respiratory complications. ”

In the target audience of both vaccines are, for example, the elderly, safety and rescue professionals, teachers, indigenous peoples, health professionals, people with chronic noncommunicable diseases, the so-called comorbidities.

Flu vaccine helps in pandemic

Held annually to ensure protection against the most common flu viruses, the annual flu vaccination gains even more importance in 2021, with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The symptoms of influenza and the disease of the new coronavirus are confused and make it difficult to attend. In addition, a lower vaccination against the common flu can put even more pressure on the health system.

Vaccination against the flu runs until June in public clinics, but the recommendation is that the target audience try to anticipate as much as possible, also due to the high number of cases of the new coronavirus in the occupation of ICU beds.

After June, doses are available at health centers for the target audience of the drug.

Flu vaccination for the elderly
Photo: Marcello Casal JrAgency Brazil


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