Scalp at the target of pain – Living healthily

Scalp at the target of pain – Living healthily
Scalp at the target of pain – Living healthily

Scalp pain worsens when anxiety, depression or other psychiatric behaviors get worse
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Unlike headache, but with a growing frequency in recent months: the complaint of pain in the scalp, called trichodynia, has affected people of all ages.

“In my studies I found two interesting articles on the topic. One from 2012 and the other from 2009. Both have certain similarities, assess the possibility of blood dosages of zinc, folate, vitamin B12 and psychological aspects being involved in the process of appearance of the condition. Both studies include samples of patients with diffuse telogen and capillary hair loss in their evaluations “, explains doctor and trichologist Ademir Leite Junior.

The capillary health specialist still talks about the emotional factors linked to the occurrence. “Both articles, in their introductions, agree with the fact that most of the time, trichodynia with its symptomatic variations, such as pain, tingling, sensitivity or discomfort in the scalp, do not manifest identifiable reasons for inspecting the area where the referred condition that is, that is, we will not always find patients complaining of pain in the scalp presenting any lesion on the scalp. Because of this, it is believed that psycho-emotional factors may be involved in the condition “, he adds.


What explains the trichologist is that “the treatment is long and requires a lot of care and attention on the part of the professional. In many cases, the interdisciplinary collaboration between the doctor responsible for skin and scalp care, the psychiatrist and the psychologist does is necessary. Trichodynia is a frequent manifestation in patients with hair loss, for example, this already demonstrates the importance of having professional support for it to be resolved “, points out the specialist.

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