Behind the scenes of the failed attempt to save the concert hall Unimed Hall

Behind the scenes of the failed attempt to save the concert hall Unimed Hall
Behind the scenes of the failed attempt to save the concert hall Unimed Hall

Long before announcing the closure of Unimed Hall activities, this Wednesday, the 31st, the company T4F had already been facing a judicial drama regarding the amount of rent paid to the owners of the land where the concert hall operated. The VEJA report had access to a lawsuit, opened in 2020, in which T4F tried in court to reduce 90% of the rent payment, using Covid-19’s impact as a justification – a demand that was denied. Since 2010 alone, T4F has paid around 190,000 reais a month for renting the land. Unable to afford expenses, T4F’s CEO, Fernando Alterio, published a statement in the newspapers announcing that activities were closing. “The curtains of another stage in Brazil close (…) In the cultural sector, the impact is unprecedented”, he lamented.

The 2021 crisis contrasts with the abundance that the venue was experiencing before the pandemic. In 2019, when the space celebrated its 20th anniversary, T4F signed a contract to change the name of the house. With a validity of five years, the until then Credicard Hall was renamed Unimed Hall, in a negotiation estimated, according to a report by Veja SP at the time, at R $ 25 million. This millionaire contract was also broken with the closing of the house. Sought by the VEJA report, Unimed commented on what happened: “Central Nacional Unimed regrets the termination of the naming rights contract by Time For Fun – T4F -, which, since October 2019, allowed the use of the Unimed brand in that home. shows, which then came to be called Unimed Hall ”. The company, however, declined to comment on how the negotiations took place between the parties.

Since its inauguration in 1999, the house has established itself as one of the most important concert venues in São Paulo, and also in Brazil, with a capacity for 7,000 people. In the past 23 years, more than 12 million people have watched over 3,500 performances on their stage. One of the most memorable was that of Caetano Veloso and João Gilberto, who opened the house. At the time, João, famous for his perfectionism, complained about everything: air conditioning, echo, noise from the audience. He even showed his tongue to the audience, before leaving the stage. The fact only increased the fame of the place. The closing of the house, therefore, opens up the immense crisis that the sector of concerts and events is facing in the economic crisis and in the pandemic. Alterio also revealed that the Lollapalooza festival, postponed last year and rescheduled for September this year, will not happen again. The company will probably not perform in 2021.

VEJA, Fernando Alterio said that the land owner should create a new real estate development project. “T4F rented, in 1998, a ramp land where we did the construction of the house and the landscaping, with its own resources. For 22 years we have been operating the show house. Now we return the property to the owner. Everything indicates that he will probably create a real estate development project. ”

The land on which Unimed Hall was built belongs to the company Horácio Sabino Coimbra – Comércio e Participações Ltda and was assigned to T4F under an onerous concession regime, that is, that allowed the construction of buildings in the place. At the time, the two parties entered into a 12-year contract, which expired in 2010. Renewed for another 12 years, it would extend until 2022, but was broken just before the end. In 2013, news circulated that Cyrela had bought part of the land that houses the venue. The idea was to build a real estate project in the surroundings. Sought by the VEJA report, the construction company limited itself to denying that it owns any land in the place.

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