Public security professionals will be immunized with the next shipment of vaccines in Pernambuco

Governor Paulo Câmara announced, on Thursday (1st), the start of the immunization of public security professionals in Pernambuco against Covid-19. The category was included among the priority groups provided for in the National Immunization Plan.

With the arrival of over 394 thousand doses of vaccines against Covid-19 in Pernambuco, 362 thousand from Coronavac and 32 thousand from AstraZeneca / Oxford, it will be possible to start the immunization of these professionals and guarantee the second dose to the elderly over 65 years of age. in the state.

“Our distribution scheme is ready and tomorrow all vaccines will have already been delivered to the municipalities,” said Paulo Câmara, in a statement released on Thursday. With this lot more, there are already 1,833,530 units of immunizers received in the State.

The quantitative was checked by the technical team of the State Immunization Program (PNI-PE), which this Friday (2) will send to the 12 Regional Health Departments, where the vaccines will be available to the municipalities.

“Since the second half of March, the Ministry of Health has been sending part of the consignments for the first dose and part for the second. The municipalities need to be attentive to each distribution agenda, so that the input is used correctly, benefiting the groups that are already being contemplated and keeping, when necessary, the doses destined for the second application ”, recommended the State Secretary of Health, André Longo.

Municipalities should pay attention to the PNI-PE, which brings together information on spreadsheets for the distribution of immunizations, operationalization of doses and resolutions of the Bipartite Intergovernmental Commission. Documents and information are available on the SES-PE portal.

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