Mental health is shaken in the BBB. And we, too, freaked out, watched – 04/01/2021

Mental health is shaken in the BBB. And we, too, freaked out, watched – 04/01/2021
Mental health is shaken in the BBB. And we, too, freaked out, watched – 04/01/2021
On Tuesday night, the BBB exhibited a nervous breakdown. After participant Sarah left the program, economist Gilberto starred in desperate moments inside the house. Those who watched the reality show can see the Pernambuco man screaming in despair, having difficulty breathing.

Gil had a painful crisis. His psychic suffering was apparent and caused a strange sensation in those who had a crisis like this. I, who suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, understood Gil’s crisis very well. The economist was not the only one to have an emotional crisis in the program or to show symptoms. BBB 21 became the (lack of) mental health program.

In the same edition, Fiuk has already gone through moments of depression (his team warned that he would be withdrawing from antidepressants and suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder). Lucas Penteado left the program in the midst of a crisis. Juliette has already said that she takes medication for anxiety. And, of course, Karol Conká left the program placing the blame for all his errors on his mental health and warning that he would seek therapy.

In this BBB, people are more susceptible to crises … Or are we, the viewers, who are seeing this more, since, in the middle of a pandemic, we don’t have these mental health there either?

According to psychoanalyst Paulo Beer, both things are possible. We viewers are not doing well. “We are, mainly in Brazil, experiencing a situation that puts everyone on the edge. We are feeling a great helplessness”, he says in an interview with the column.

Program participants are probably even more susceptible to crises than we are. In addition to being Brazilian and having entered the program already in the pandemic, they are still placed in extreme situations within the program. “Big Brother is a program with a very large sadistic component, they create all the conditions for the person to become destabilized. This is one of the objectives of the program”, remembers Paulo.

Up close nobody is normal

Away from home, we are also on the line. Many of us are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, as are some of the program participants. And, to relax, we watch a program where the participants freak out. “Healthy”, isn’t it?

According to the psychoanalyst, naturally this type of program provokes a great identification of ours with the characters. “We like to see and imagine how we would react in the same extreme situation. Now that we are at home, locked up, that identification can be even greater.”

And we also identify with some outbreaks, of course. After all, we also feel like screaming.

One of Gil’s outbreaks made it clear to me how much we identified with his crises. After a fight with Karol Conká, the economist screamed around the house: “I’m indignant, get me out of here! I can’t take it anymore!” This scene went viral. It makes sense, after all, isn’t that how many people feel at the moment in Brazil, wanting to shout “get me out of here?”

According to the psychoanalyst, it is possible that some of us identify with these crises. “Many, when seeing these scenes, feel a certain relief, a thought of the style” at least it is not with me. Others may see it as a liberation, since this type of attitude is not well accepted in our society. “What about those who laugh and joke about the pain?” These are probably people who do not accept that they can also freak out. Then, they move on to ridicule “, explains the psychoanalyst.

And are we all sadistic to see such a program, with people in crisis?

“Watching people subjected to bad situations, in addition to being sadistic, is masochistic, it also causes us discomfort, we feel ashamed of others, embarrassment”.

And we like to feel it. And we see it again. Every day.

Who are we to judge the outbreaks of BBB participants?

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