Family recovering from covid and contracting dengue and chikungunya afterwards

Family recovering from covid and contracting dengue and chikungunya afterwards
Family recovering from covid and contracting dengue and chikungunya afterwards
The technique in clinical analysis Danyela de Menezes Souza, 36, who lives on the coast of Sao Paulo, recently recovered from covid-19. Now, she tries to get treatment and alleviate the symptoms caused by chikungunya.

Resident of Continental Park, in São Vicente, in Baixada Santista, Danyela tells the Twitter who was not the only one to get sick at home. Her husband also contracted covid-19 and was in a serious condition in an ICU. Now, not only she but the couple’s three children, the father and stepmother have symptoms of arboviruses, such as dengue and chikungunya.

“We need to stay home because of the covid-19, but if our homes are invaded by disease-causing mosquitoes, it is difficult to stay healthy,” he said. “When I had covid-19, the worst was the anxiety over the situation of my husband and son, who had a lot of fever. I had a lot of tiredness and back pain, a fever I only had one day ”.

Danyela says that the process of recovering from illnesses at home has been very exhausting, mainly due to the fear she felt when she saw family members getting sick. In addition to her husband, her two teenage children also had covid-19, but have now recovered. Now, they have been diagnosed with dengue. The youngest, only 2 years old, was also diagnosed with dengue, but is already recovering.

“My parents were unable to get the test, but they had symptoms of dengue. I, because of chikungunya, have symptoms until now, I will have to undergo treatment. Fever, lots of joint pain, vomiting, nausea and weakness. Apart from the constant headaches. My stepmother had symptoms similar to mine, while my stepfather had milder symptoms. ”

The technician claims that she had to put electrical insecticides working 24 hours a day in the outlets of the house where she lives with her family, in addition to arranging the installation of screens for the windows. She says she is scared by the amount of mosquitoes. And the invasion of insects, more precisely the mosquito aedes aegypti, which transmits dengue, chikungunya and zika, is not exclusive to your residence.

“They are spreading throughout the neighborhood. In my street, everyone is sick. And it is the fault of a daycare center that works in front of the house. There are four subtypes, not ruling out the worst possibility, hemorrhagic dengue. It is already the third time that I get dengue, I fear that something much worse will happen ”, he said.

Nursery opened a year ago

The nursery to which Danyela refers is the Jean Pierre dos Santos Molina Municipal Nursery. Inaugurated in January 2020 by the former mayor of São Vicente, Pedro Gouvêa, it was supposed to serve about 200 children, but it is closed due to the pandemic. Danyela guarantees that there are reports that there are employees who also fell ill due to arboviruses, which would be spreading through the municipality and also to neighboring municipalities.

“How can you have peace in your own home? We are here, doing our part. Respecting the isolation, taking care of ourselves. And the municipality is not responsible for the safety of the residents? But, on the contrary, does it neglectly put our lives at risk? ”.

O Twitter sent a series of questions to the city of São Vicente, but received no answer to any of them. By means of a note, the city declared that it provides a telephone number for citizens who want to make complaints, affirms that the Continental Park received a ‘smoke’ to fight dengue and, without mentioning the day care center, says that a task force visited 1,006 properties.

See the city hall note in full:

The Municipality of São Vicente, through the Department of Health (Sesau), informs that, for residents who want to make complaints, the Department of Vector Disease Control (Decodove) provides the number 0800-0771-0037. The service is open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. It is important for the whistleblower to provide data on where the irregularity is located, facilitating the agents’ work.

Sesau points out that, recently, the Continental Park received a ‘smoke’ to fight dengue, which traveled around 63 blocks in the neighborhood. There was also a joint effort where 1,006 properties were visited.

The City registers 581 cases of dengue (with two deaths) and 152 confirmed cases of chikungunya (with no record of deaths). In 2020, until the end of March, 50 cases of dengue and one of chikungunya were confirmed.

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