We will start vaccine test in pregnant and immunosuppressed

Pfizer announced on Thursday (1st) that its vaccine against Covid-19 guarantees immunity in adults and adolescents for at least six months and that it can be effective against variants of the virus.

The company’s next step is to initiate tests on pregnant women and the immunosuppressed – people who use drugs or treatments that lower immunity – explained Cristiano Zerbini, vaccine testing coordinator at Pfizer in Brazil.

According to Zerbini, Pfizer plans to start a global test in these two groups and Brazil will be included. “The tests with pregnant women are already being analyzed by the National Research Ethics Commission and by Anvisa, so the process is already advanced. Regarding the tests on immunosuppressed, we are still submitting the protocol to the authorities, but soon we will start these studies. ”

Despite the advance, Zerbini warns that the research should last from one to two years, even though it is possible to obtain data in this period that will allow the emergency use of the vaccine in these groups.

Regarding the research released on Wednesday, the coordinator of Pfizer said that the company will ask the FDA – American health authority – for a license so that teenagers can also be vaccinated.

Bottle with Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against Covid-19 in an Irish hospital
Photo: Liam McBurney / Pool via Reuters (8.Dec.2020)


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