Harvard University studies show that chocolate is good for the eyes

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The traditional celebration of Easter with eggs and chocolate candies can improve the protection of our health in this pandemic. This is because, studies of Harvard University show that one of the properties of chocolate is to improve circulation by stimulating the production of nitric acid and containing polyphenols that keep our arteries flexible, in addition to lowering the bad cholesterol that forms plaques in our bloodstream. Our eyes have more final arteries than a hair. That is why scientists say that dark or semi-bitter chocolate with at least 60% cocoa is good for the eyes.

According to the ophthalmologist, Leôncio Queiroz Neto, from the Penido Burnier Institute it does not mean that you can overdo consumption. ”The difference between poison and medicine is the dose”, he stresses. Four squares / day, or 70% grams is ideal for you to include chocolate in your diet and your body will be left with only the good part of the delicacy.

The doctor points out that it is the minimum concentration of 60% cocoa that guarantees a high concentration of polyphenols and maintains the flexibility of the arteries. “This makes it improve all circulation, including the retina” explains. The result is a decreased risk of AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) and cardiovascular diseases.

To get an idea of ​​the impact on health, Queiroz Neto states that today DMRI reaches 3 million Brazilians over 65 years of age and is indicated by the WHO (World Health Organization) as the largest global cause of irreversible blindness. The warning sign of this disease is to see tortuosity in straight lines, he stresses. Therefore, for people over 65 years of age, it is recommended to do a simple test, fixing one eye and then the other in a door frame. If you see the sinuous outline you should see an ophthalmologist immediately. Vision loss due to macular degeneration, he explains, is caused in 90% of cases by the rupture of new vessels that form in the retina. The application of laser to dry these new vessels and intravitreal injections by the ophthalmologist can prevent blindness.

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