Alagoas has already administered more than 289 thousand doses of vaccines against Covid-19

The daily bulletin of vaccination against Covid-19, released late on Wednesday (31), shows that Alagoas has applied 289,325 doses to date. Of the total, 232,109 Alagoas were vaccinated with the first dose, while 57,216 received the second dose and completed the immunization cycle against the virus.

In addition, the numbers indicate that, since January, the Ministry of Health has already sent 479,860 vaccines to the state.

Check the amount of vaccines per shipment:

1st shipment – CoronaVac – 87,760;

2nd shipment – Oxford – 27,500;

3rd shipment – CoronaVac 12,600;

4th shipment – CoronaVac – 34,800;

5th shipment – CoronaVac / Aztrazeneca – 37,400;

6th shipment – CoronaVac – 28,800;

7th shipment – CoronaVac – 32,000;

8th shipment – CoronaVac – 60,600;

9th shipment – CoronaVac / AstraZeneca – 88,200;

10th shipment – CoronaVac / AstraZeneca – 70,200.

The data are updated by the State Department of Health (Sesau), through the National Immunization Program in Alagoas (PNI / AL), with technical support from the Municipal Council of Health Secretariats of Alagoas (Cosems / AL).

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