All doses against Covid-19 received in Teutonia were applied

Photo: Diego Silva / Disclosure

The Municipal Health Secretariat informs that almost all doses of vaccines received for application in elderly people aged 66 or over in the first dose, so far, have already been applied. The municipality of Teutônia is committed to speeding up the vaccination process as much as possible, in order to immunize our population and contribute to reducing the spread of the virus.

In the coming days, the municipality will receive a new batch to resume vaccination against Covid-19, about which we will give wide dissemination. Elderly people aged 66 or over who have not yet received their first dose will be considered as soon as we receive the next batch of vaccines.

The Department of Health asks people to pay attention to the media and the social networks of the city hall, because as soon as the doses arrive, regardless if it occurs on the weekend, vaccination will be resumed, both through drive-thru, as in Municipal Vaccination Center, with day, place and time to be announced.

For people who have their vaccination scheduled at health centers, the doses are reserved and will be applied normally on the day and time agreed.

The health secretary, Juliano Renato Körner, explains that this situation is normal and expected. “We are accelerating the vaccination process, as it is of common interest to immunize our population as soon as possible. We have several fronts working to apply the vaccines as we receive the doses, so it is normal for the vaccines to end during the campaign, due to the high demand of people who seek the service, and also the acceleration of the process with specific actions. In any vaccination campaign it is common to finish doses, but as they arrive, they are applied. The population can rest easy, as new lots will come and there will be enough vaccines to meet all the advertised age groups ”, he informs. AI / CS




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