Health Secretary expects to vaccinate 70% of the adult population by the end of May

The Business Association of Brusque held on Wednesday night (31) a virtual meeting with its Council of Sectoral Nuclei.

The online meeting was attended by the coordinators and vice-coordinators of the 22 nuclei of the entity, when they were welcomed by ACIBr president, Rita Cassia Conti and by the nucleus director, Maria Valzete Ludvig Walendowsky.

The agenda of the works was divided into two moments: an explanation about the Core Acceleration Program (PAN), with the regional coordinator of the Empreender Facisc / Sebrae Program, Sheila Raquel Mazureck; and a conversation with the Secretary of Health of Brusque, Dr. Osvaldo Quirino de Souza, about the current scenario of covid-19 and the vaccination campaign.

According to President Rita, the invitation made by ACIBr to the secretary, was with the objective of obtaining clear information, so that the businessmen can make an analysis and define their strategies to continue their business.

“We are with businessmen from the sectorial nuclei, a representative and important group, which will multiply the information that we will talk about here today”, he stressed.

The Director of Nuclei also praised the concern of the coordinators and vice-coordinators, who represent various business segments in the city, in relation to the covid-19.

According to Valzete, the main doubt is related to vaccination and the perspectives of the Department of Health regarding deadlines.

On the occasion, Dr. Osvaldo informed that approximately 12 thousand people have already received the first dose of the vaccine in Brusque, which represents 10% to 12% of the target population to be vaccinated.

He commented on some controversies raised regarding the vaccination of medical students and even professionals who work in the administrative areas of hospitals and, in both cases, clarified the legitimacy of the vaccine to this public, which is indeed susceptible to the virus.

“Medical students already attend Basic Health Units, they already work in these places and the administrative staff of hospitals, end up having to circulate in that environment, which treats people affected by the virus”, he considered.

Speaking of the prospects of the portfolio for the vaccination of the entire population, Dr. Osvaldo stressed that he estimates that this is closer to happening.

“We follow in Brusque strictly what is ordered in the National Vaccination Plan. The autonomy of the municipality is only in relation to logistics, how many people will be available to vaccinate, in which places, times, etc. Despite the difficulties, the small amount of doses, things are moving forward. The expectation is the best possible ”, reveals the secretary.

He also reveals that in the coming weeks the municipality should receive several doses of the vaccine and with that estimate to immunize the group of 60 years and also people with comorbidities, such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer patients, cancer, among others.

“The idea is to have more than 70% of the people vaccinated by the end of May, an adult population. So far we do not have much to say about the national plan, we accept the determinations and vaccinate. The state is negotiating in Brasilia a larger quantity of doses. The Secretary of State had assured that the rate of vaccination would increase, but there has now been an exchange of secretaries. The goal was to vaccinate everyone by the end of May here in Brusque and I continue with this expectation ”, he stressed.

“People are very happy, those who receive the vaccine. It is a very good thing to see, a joy. The expectation of a return to normality, to the life that everyone had, but with the necessary care, such as social distance, use of a mask and alcohol gel ”, he added.

When asked about his opinion on campaigns by entrepreneurs for the purchase of the vaccine, such as Luciano Hang and Newton Patricio Crespi (Cisso) himself, the secretary praised the initiative, and said that he sees the public-private partnership with good eyes.

“It is clear that, if the entrepreneurs get these vaccines, we will make a partnership for us to apply. We will make all the logistics of the city available for vaccination ”, he reinforced.

When talking about the number of cases of the disease, Dr. Osvaldo informed that the curve of contaminated and hospitalized in hospitals is in sharp decline in the municipality of Brusque.

“We had our ICUs full, but we had no need to transfer any patient out. We realize that with each crisis we have, we learn to manage the disease a little more. We created two emergency services in the Basic Health Units of Limeira and Maluche, providing greater support to the population. We did a rearrangement so that, if necessary, we can transfer patients from other pathologies from Hospital Azambuja to Hospital Dom Joaquim, in order to have hospital beds for covid-19. But today, to give you an idea, we have 10 patients admitted to the medical clinic, and another 40 beds available ”, he commented.

The secretary believes that within 15 days it will be possible to make a statistical analysis of the disease curve, given the vaccination. “With all working adults and all risk groups vaccinated, the disease is expected to subside. We are already watching this ”.

President Rita praised the work carried out by the Secretariat with regard to vaccination, especially the drive thru dynamics.

“We are rooting for and we are fans of the way everything is being accomplished. You took strategic points in Maluche and Limeira for these emergency services to the population and we were hopeful. We saw this prospect with other horizons until the end of May with a mass vaccination ”, he commented.

Valzete said that there is an optimism regarding the vaccine and the continuity of work, and reinforced that it is necessary to remind employees of companies about care. “It is important to take care of our employees and ask them to take care of their families, their friends”.

The same was emphasized by the secretary, who also said that the routine of social distance, the use of a mask and gel alcohol must be maintained in companies and commerce, as well as avoiding agglomerations in spaces and removing the mask only in safe locations, such as homes.

“We will have to learn to live in this new normal, even if vaccinated”, he considered.


About the Nucleus Acceleration Program (PAN), coordinator Sheila Raquel Mazureck recalled the trajectory of the sectorial nuclei and the Empreender Program.

“What we are able to see is that we have arrived at a moment when we need to improve from the company’s door to the inside, it is our job now to give up on Empreender, placing resources even to be able to leverage the actions of the nuclei. And when we talk about PAN, the goal is to meet your CNPJ, your activity. We want to monetize, increase the competitiveness of the companies participating in the centers, through this partnership with Sebrae. Our initiative is to support micro, small companies, MEIs and rural producers ”, he emphasized.

In practice, Sheila explained that it is necessary to have at least five companies from the Nucleus interested in or that fit the issue of the notice in order to compose a proposal. It must meet at least one of the axes of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In addition, the project must fit into one of the three thematic axes: training, consultancy and productivity actions; business management, seminars focused on innovation, planning; and market access, business missions, visits to national fairs, etc.

Projects can range from R $ 5,000 to R $ 50,000, 50% of which through Sebrae and 50% through the Nucleus.

“Brusque is already a reference for people in terms of projects, ACIBr and its nuclei have come with this philosophy of working proposals for a while and we can now move forward through PAN”, he stressed.

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