Hospitals must face new collapse with winter illnesses, medical alert

With high occupancy rates by Covid-19, public and private hospitals in Brazil are expected to face a new collapse starting in May, a period in which seasonal illnesses, such as influenza and pneumonia, affect the population more. The alert comes from the epidemiologist Márcio Bittencourt, who works at the Center for Clinical and Epidemiological Research at USP University Hospital.

In an interview with CNN this Thursday (1st), he explained that more restrictive measures adopted by states at the beginning of the year still do not reflect on hospital beds, which are still full throughout the country. In São Paulo, even the private network registers occupancy rates above 90%.

“If we enter the bad seasonal period for other diseases, even if Covid-19 does not get much worse, but if we get there with hospitals as full as we are now, we will have another very complicated overhead,” said Bittencourt.

“Every year, in the Southeast and South, around May, winter hospitalizations begin because of worsening lung diseases. Asthma worsens, pneumonia increases and even the flu”, highlighted the specialist on winter diseases that often result in hospitalizations.

Bittecourt stressed that it is not the time to relax circulation restrictions. “Everything I do today to control the transmission of the virus, even if it ended it, will take about a month to reflect on hospitalizations and another month to reflect on deaths. What we started doing in March, which was not even so intense, it will have more important reflex from now on. “


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