COVID: Barbacena closes March with record of deaths

COVID: Barbacena closes March with record of deaths
COVID: Barbacena closes March with record of deaths

Barbacena closed the last month of March with a total of 37 deaths linked to complications caused by COVID-19, a disease transmitted by the new Coronavirus. The numbers exceed the 33 deaths reported in January 2021, when the city had reached the highest number of fatal victims of the disease. On the last day of the month, in fact, the highest number of deaths was recorded in 24 hours in the city, with six patients not resisting the complications of the disease.

The three months of 2021, incidentally, are the ones that account for the largest number of deaths from the disease in Barbacena, being responsible for 87 of the 119 registered in the city since the beginning of the pandemic.

The month of March also had the highest number of deaths of patients with COVID coming from other cities and who were being treated in Barbacena. In all, 36 deaths of COVID-19 patients notified from other municipalities and treated in the city were confirmed in the third month of this year, a number more than twice as high as the 16 deaths recorded respectively in the months of December 2020 and January 2021.

Since the last March 13th, Barbacena and the entire Central-South Macrorregião have been classified in Onda Roxa do Minas Consciente, with more restrictive measures that aim to contain the progress of the disease and support the health units, since the number of beds , whether clinicians or COVID Intensive Care Units (ICUs) are full and the medical teams are exhausted.

In the last few days, health professionals and institutions in Barbacena have been going to social networks and asking for the support of the population at this time, reporting on the shortage of medicines, the strain of medical teams, lack of professionals and beds and asking people to respect the distance Social.

Exactly today (01/04), one year after the confirmation of the first case of the disease in the city, Barbacena counts 4424 confirmed cases of the disease, 4064 of which were cured, 37 people hospitalized with confirmation and 14 people hospitalized with suspicion of the disease.

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