Discover five natural ways to relieve heartburn

Do you know that sensation in which we feel as if our stomach is “on fire”? This burning, which generates a lot of discomfort, is known as heartburn. If you are on the list of people who experience this malaise, learn how to minimize it in a natural way.

Many people self-medicate, something that is contraindicated by doctors. Furthermore, some of these remedies only temporarily improve the condition and, depending on the case, aggravate the entire digestive process.

This is because they inhibit the acidity of the stomach, which is essential for the digestive process and for the bacteria that live in that organ.

It is precisely this lack of acidity that causes poor digestion. Stress, fast food, sleepless nights, a lot of fatty food and other variables cause this discomfort to arise.

Below, I list some natural solutions for this imbroglio:

  • Rosemary, chamomile and mint tea are digestive. Take after meals;
  • Lemon juice before eating can help with the necessary acidity of the stomach to enhance the digestive process⁣;
  • Chew well and slowly. These two pillars are the basis for good digestion .;
  • Try not to drink any fluids during meals if you experience heartburn frequently;
  • Be aware of the foods that you have already identified that cause this discomfort, and avoid them.


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