Vaccination in Umuarama already exceeds by more than 50% the number of infected by Covid-19

Vaccination in Umuarama already exceeds by more than 50% the number of infected by Covid-19
Vaccination in Umuarama already exceeds by more than 50% the number of infected by Covid-19

The good pace of vaccination in Umuarama, which places the city in a prominent position in the state, is also reflected in the comparison with the number of people infected with the coronavirus, since the beginning of the pandemic. As of this 31st, the Municipal Health Department had vaccinated 13,927 people from the priority groups defined by the National Immunization Plan and 2,377 had also received the second dose.

The volume exceeds by more than 50% the number of Umuaramenses who had a positive diagnosis by the same date – 9,138 patients – and it is higher even when adding the suspected cases (1,377). As per the latest update to the immunization report, Umuarama has received a total of 18,294 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 so far – including first and second doses – and 16,264 have already been applied.

The difference – between received and applied doses – is attributed to people in the priority groups who have not yet sought out the units to receive the immunization and others who are waiting for the recommended period for the second dose.

Covid-19’s first positive case was recorded on March 27 last year and as of December 31, the city had 5,354 people infected with the coronavirus. In the first three months of that year, a further 3,784 cases were confirmed, totaling 9,138 positive results. Of these, 7,111 patients recovered and today lead a normal life, without neglecting preventive measures to prevent new infections. There are also 1,869 people with Covid-19 in home isolation and 1,377 with suspicion, pending test results or the end of the isolation period.

In recent weeks, Umuarama has also maintained an average of 50 people hospitalized in intensive care units and wards. On the other hand, 125 did not resist the effects of Covid-19 and died – in most cases the victims had comorbidities, such as hypertension, respiratory or heart failure, diabetes, advanced cancer and other diseases, but some were healthy people. The crowding of Covid wards in local hospitals and also in clinical beds has been a difficult problem to solve.

“The vaccine is our great weapon to overcome the pandemic, combined with prevention, but the release of doses depends on acquisitions by the Ministry of Health, passed on to states and municipalities. We are also looking for direct purchase through alternative channels, such as the Paraná Consortium and the National Front of Municipalities (FNP), with Umuarama joining the national consortium Conectar, which intends to negotiate directly with vaccine manufacturers, ”recalls Mayor Celso Pozzobom. “It is a great effort for the doses to reach the population quickly, but vaccination today depends on the federal transfer”, he added.

The Municipal Secretary of Health, Cecília Cividini, reinforces that, as it should still take a few months for the vaccine to reach the majority of the population, it is necessary to pay attention to preventive care, such as wearing a mask, distance from queues and public places, constant hygiene of the hands and objects in common use and mainly to avoid crowds. “Even after receiving the vaccine, it is important to take care of yourself. It takes some time to reach maximum protection and a vaccinated person can infect others who have not yet received the immunization ”, he concluded.

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