5 benefits and 4 tips for doing aerobic exercise at home

5 benefits and 4 tips for doing aerobic exercise at home

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The restrictions are greater and performing your aerobic workout at home has never been more important. To help contain the coronavirus, we asked Vanessa Furstenberger, a personal trainer, to give some advice that will help you in your mission to keep your exercises up to date, even without stepping on the street. Let’s check out what our specialist has to say?

Tips for aerobic exercise at home

1. Organize a space that is easy to train, that is, without having to take out much, or organize a lot at the time of training. The more difficulties we have to start the training, the greater the laziness for that to happen;

2. It is important to adapt our work schedule (home office), study or homework, so that we can fit a few minutes of training. Making a commitment to yourself and not failing is easier to maintain regular training. If you are going to train on a treadmill, bike, or elliptical trainer, keep the equipment facing an external view or a TV so that time passes faster and the exercise does not become monotonous;

3. Depending on the type of aerobic training you choose to do, leave a space for him. Another tip is to use rugs in the case of slippery floors and remove objects that may cause accidents during their movement;

4. Keep windows open, a light and airy environment to avoid discomfort during training making you give up exercise. If the location chosen for training is poorly ventilated and does not have air conditioning, provide a ventilator for the hottest days.

And the benefits

It is already more than proven by several studies the importance of staying active, not only now that it is a special moment, but in life.

Exercise, whether aerobic or not, promotes health benefits such as:

1. Control of chronic diseases such as cancer and autoimmune diseases;

2- Prevents cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and especially against obesity;

3- All of these pathologies are risk factors for Covid, which is our biggest concern at the moment. But it also works for other types of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria, which threaten our general state of health.

4- Another fact that brings the practice of aerobic exercises as important is that the regular practice of them makes our immune system strengthen. In addition, it prevents the body from being affected by various diseases such as those mentioned previously caused by pandemic viruses or even opportunistic viruses that make us more susceptible to various infections.

5- In addition to our body, regular exercise is a holy remedy for our mind, because during and after exercise we release substances and hormones that leave us relaxed, with a sense of pleasure and well-being, relieving stress and taking care of our mental health. . Furthermore, it takes us out of everyday stress at least at the moment when we are practicing.

Helps you lose weight

Another problem that the pandemic brought to many people was weight gain. Therefore, Vanessa highlights the need to maintain the routine of physical activities. Aerobic exercise is even more important when we are locked up at home and move less.

“If we were unable to start a more restrictive diet due to our own stress and demotivation, we should start gradually to include a training routine, even if gradually, it already helps to increase this energy expenditure and even if we do not do it. decreasing the quantity or changing the quality of the food we have already started to lose weight “, he reinforces.

Finally, the personal trainer believes that a healthy routine will help us. “It is therefore important to maintain a daily exercise routine at home because little by little we feel like eating better too and one thing ends up pulling the other and taking us out of inertia. Another important point is, if you go out to the market or bakery , do it on foot, so you will spend more energy in our day to day and gradually eliminate the excess weight that we gained in the pandemic. When we start to see the results appearing, it will give us motivation not to give up “, he concludes.

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