Umuarama Health Secretariat opens pre-registration for Covid-19 vaccine target audience

Umuarama Health Secretariat opens pre-registration for Covid-19 vaccine target audience
Umuarama Health Secretariat opens pre-registration for Covid-19 vaccine target audience

The Municipal Health Secretariat, in conjunction with the Center for Technology and Information (NTI) and the Internal Control of the City Hall, developed a form made available through a banner on the City Hall website ( to update the municipality’s database on the population in the health area. The tool will also assist in the organization of the municipal plan for immunization against the coronavirus, allowing to streamline vaccination.

For that, it will be necessary the massive adhesion of the Umuaramenses, initially of the group of 60 years or more, that is in the process of receiving the next doses. “With this pre-registration completed correctly we will be able to reduce the time in the queues, avoiding crowding and reducing the risks. Another advantage will be the possibility of better distributing vaccines by region, according to the target audience of each neighborhood, bringing immunization closer so that people do not have to go far from home ”, said Health Secretary, Cecília Cividini.

The municipality’s internal controller, Daniel Dutra de Souza, said that re-registering the population is also important because the database, with the information made available by IBGE, by age group, is out of date. “The last Census was carried out more than 10 years ago, so today we have population estimates that are not always confirmed. With the update, we will have more reliable data for vaccination and other programs developed in the health area and better monitoring of compliance with the National Immunization Plan ”, he added.

Pre-registration is exclusive for residents of the municipality. Filling in is simple and the information must be verified. The head of the NTI, Rafael Moretto Barros, explains that it will be necessary to provide data such as identification, address, telephone, e-mail, professional activity, general health conditions and possible comorbidities, all in a simple and direct way.

“The citizen will be able to print the identification code generated after filling out the form or save it on his cell phone and present it when he is going to get the vaccine. Today the manual registration process increases the time in the queue. With the declaration, it will only be necessary to check some data and the vaccination will be much faster, at the same time that the municipality will have more reliable and detailed information about the population ”, he concluded.

The questionnaire data are confidential, according to the General Data Protection Law (LGPD 13.709 / 2018), they can be used to implement public policies in the health area and originate statistical data in an anonymous way (without identification).

The form can be accessed by clicking here.

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