Take care of the lungs to do more powerful workouts

Lungs: how to take care of them to do more powerful workouts

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Taking care of the lungs has never been more necessary. Inhaling and exhaling to calm yourself is also a watchword. If, on the one hand, the gyms are closed at this moment, on the other, you can’t even think about standing still.

With the help of online classes and personal trainers, many people have become accustomed to training at home, so now it’s time to learn to breathe while you train.

“A lot of people have the habit of holding their breaths in the false intention of increasing strength. Whether to lift something heavier at home, walk faster on the streets or increase the training load. What few people know is that the effect is exactly the opposite. Instead of potentiating, when breathing is not correct during physical activity, the risk of injury increases, as the diaphragm is overloaded, and may even cause cramps in the organ, and the result is quickly perceived with painful discomfort in the side of the abdomen “, explains Altino Andrade, physical education professional at the Just Fit Academias Network.

According to the expert, when working with weights, the rule of breathing is to release the air in the stimulus and inhale when you are releasing the weight, since it is during exhalation that the abdominal muscles contract. “In this case, if the breathing is not done correctly, in addition to feeling tired more quickly, the exercise may not even be used.”

Another important tip is to focus on training. “In order to alternate speed and strength during a workout, it is necessary to increase the heart rate and this only occurs with the higher consumption of oxygen”, he says.

In addition, another important tip is “training carried out with an adequate intensity, for at least 3 times a week and respecting the individual characteristics of each person, the rate of basal metabolism is considerably increased, which is nothing more than consumption. of calories that we use to carry out our daily activities, consequently this improves the physical conditioning and the reduction of fat percentage in relation to the total weight “, concludes the specialist.

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