Company announces closure of Unimed Hall, former Credicard Hall – Culture

Company announces closure of Unimed Hall, former Credicard Hall – Culture
Company announces closure of Unimed Hall, former Credicard Hall – Culture
A production company T4F reported on the afternoon of Wednesday (31), through its social networks and advertisements published in major newspapers, such as Estadão, the closing of the house UnimedHall, former Citibank Hall and, before, Credicard Hall. It was one of the largest and most important concert halls in Latin America, opened in 1999 with a troubled Joao Gilberto.

The entrepreneur Fernando Altério, CEO and largest shareholder of the entertainment company who runs the space, T4F, wrote a letter in a dramatic tone. “How many stories do we live in UnimedHall. How many memories we create together. How many smiles and tears of emotion we saw up close. How many feelings ”, he put right at the beginning. And more: “The curtains of one more stage in the country are closed, but with the certainty that we mark the epoch and become part of many stories – not only of music, but of the city, the country and the life of each person that was there ”.

According to Altério’s text, it was 23 years of existence with more than 3,500 presentations of different genres to an estimated audience of 12 million people. In another excerpt, he lamented even more: “We are going through collective mourning. In the cultural sector, the impact is unprecedented. We were the first to close the doors and we will be the last to reopen them. I can guarantee that I never imagined something like that in my 40 years in the entertainment industry … Music, a longtime partner, always teaches me many things. Today, she tells me it’s time for a break. And that this silence is not the end of the movement. But, yes, another progress. And that we are, together, in transformation. Towards the future. Building new dreams. My sincere thanks to everyone who was part of this story ”, he concluded.

The headquarters of the T4F company, which is also responsible for the Lollapalooza festival, is now Renault Theater, Avenida Brigadeiro Luís Antônio, in Sao Paulo. The crisis in the company made it, in the first quarter of 2020, reduce 45% of its employees and reduce the workload of another 17%.

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