SC approaches 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccine applied

SC approaches 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccine applied
SC approaches 1 million doses of coronavirus vaccine applied

This week Santa Catarina approached the mark of 1 million doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus. In the balance of this Wednesday, 7, the Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (Dive) counted with the municipalities 940,941 doses of the immunizer already administered.

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To be effective against the coronavirus, it is necessary to receive two doses of the vaccine. There are 749,334 people who have already received the first dose and 191.607 had access to the second application.

This week, 64,077 vaccines were applied in Santa Catarina, of which 20,459 for the second dose alone, the largest volume ever applied since the vaccination began in January. If this pace is maintained, the State should end the week with more than 1 million copies administered by members of the priority groups, which add up to just over 2.89 million people.

Health workers (with 282,262 doses applied), the elderly and people with disabilities who live or attend institutions (15,131), indigenous (10,060), quilombolas (1,889) and people over 65 (631,599) have started vaccination.

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The State has already received 1,328,040 doses of vaccine from the federal government. About 30% is still available for application this week. According to the Secretary of State for Health, Carmen Zanotto, the arrival of 144,700 new doses from the Ministry of Health is scheduled for this Thursday, 8, which will then be distributed to the municipalities.

Doses reserved for agents of the security, rescue and armed forces

Santa Catarina received 1,221 doses of the vaccine at the beginning of the month for the beginning of the vaccination of the professionals of the security and rescue forces and armed forces. According to Dive, agents directly involved in the care or transport of patients will be vaccinated first, in rescue and pre-hospital care in vaccination actions against covid-19 and in the implementation and monitoring of social distance measures.

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The vaccination planning for these professionals was prepared by the State Department of Health of SC, in conjunction with the state commandos of the security forces. The 1,221 doses will be sent to 109 municipalities where the professionals work.

Track the progress of vaccination on the Vaccine Monitor

Vaccine Monitor gathers data and estimates on the progress of vaccination in the municipalities of SC
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On the air since January 20, O Vaccine Monitor, from NSC Total, gathers details in maps and graphs on the progress of immunization in Santa Catarina and the stage of vaccination around the world.

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The page gathers estimates on the progress of the campaign in each municipality, cross-checking data showing the rate of application of vaccines received in each region and details on the population of each priority group served by the campaign.

The Vaccine Monitor is updated three times a week or as new data are released by the Ministry of Health and the SC Epidemiological Surveillance Directorate. The page can be accessed at this link.

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