Coronavirus: Government and municipalities adjust strategies to accelerate vaccination against Covid-19

The Government of Paraná met on Wednesday (7), by videoconference, mayors, municipal health secretaries, directors of Regional Health Offices and the Casa Civil to intensify vaccination against Covid-19. The State is waiting for the next few days for a new vaccine shipment from the Ministry of Health.

Last week, Paraná received 525,457 doses of immunizer, most of which was destined for the second dose, completing the vaccination schedule of those who had already received the first, and another quantity for the beginning of vaccination of elderly people aged 65 to 69 security forces workers.

“We are confident that as of the second half of April we will give an even greater flow in vaccination, with the extension of the schedule in places and the application of vaccines from Sunday to Sunday,” said the head of the Civil House, Guto Silva.

He instructed the municipalities not to keep doses. “All first dose vaccines must be used, as instructed by the Ministry of Health, there is no need to reserve for the second dose because the Federal Government has said that there will be exclusive remittances for this”, he reinforced.

Silva said that the State Government will send to the municipalities the distribution schedule for this new shipment of first doses, which will arrive in the next few days, when vaccination will also be in operation in some municipalities until midnight. Called the owl of vaccination, the strategy is added to the campaign from Sunday to Sunday, with the application of vaccines every day of the week.

“We want to speed up the application of the available doses. Our message to the population is one: we will vaccinate at night and from Sunday to Sunday. Paraná has no time to lose ”, added Silva.

According to the State Secretary of Health, Beto Preto, Paraná is the first state that proposed vaccination from Sunday to Sunday, becoming one of the most vaccinated in the country in the first weekend of the campaign. He explained that Corujão will facilitate the immunization of those who work or who need a companion to go to the vaccination sites.

“Although at this moment our biggest target audience is the elderly, most of them need companions to take off to a health unit. With that in mind, we have made possible alternative times so that these people do not run out of vaccines and we count on the help of municipalities to intensify actions and vaccinate as many people as possible, ”he said.

During the meeting, Beto Preto informed that the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, this Tuesday (6th) signaled the sending of more vaccines to Paraná this week, in addition to the distribution of more than 30 million doses to Brazil in the next days.

“In conversation with the minister, accompanying Governor Ratinho Junior, we had this return that in the next few days Paraná should receive a new shipment of vaccines. Our goal is for vaccines to get into people’s arms as soon as possible. Vaccination is what will save us from this pandemic, so our actions to intensify vaccination will continue throughout the state, ”he said.

EFFICIENCY – Until 4:30 pm this Wednesday, the Vaccinometer from the State Department of Health indicated that 1,230,845 people from Paraná had already been vaccinated. The efficiency percentage for the application of the first dose in the State reaches 92%. “It is a very good index, which expresses the speed of vaccination in Paraná”, highlighted the director-general of the secretariat, Nestor Werner Junior.

The monitoring done by the Secretary of Health shows that almost all municipalities in Paraná already exceed 80% in the application of the doses received. “It shows that we are moving forward together. We hope that, with the extension of days and times, all municipalities will reach 100% of application as soon as possible ”, he said.

Werner told mayors that the distribution of doses by the Ministry of Health does not take into account only the population, but the number of priority groups in the states. For this reason, Paraná, which has about 160 thousand more inhabitants than Rio Grande do Sul, received fewer doses than the neighboring state.

In the age group from 60 years old, Rio Grande do Sul has almost 370 thousand more people than Paraná and this difference is reflected in the number of doses sent by the Ministry. “What we have to do is vaccinate. Let’s focus on efficiency. Vaccine received in the first dose has to be applied quickly and the second must follow the established deadline ”, he affirmed.

ATTENDANCE – Participated in the meeting the president of the Association of Municipalities of Paraná (AMP), Júnior Weiller, also mayor of Jesuits, and the vice president of AMP, Edimar Santos, mayor of Santa Cecília do Pavão.

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