Vaccines from covid must wait 14 days to receive flu vaccine

posted on 08/04/2021 06:00

The 23rd National Influenza Vaccination Campaign starts next Monday and ends on July 9 throughout Brazil. The estimate of the Health Department of the Federal District is to vaccinate 90% of the people belonging to the target audience. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the dates on the vaccination card, because whoever took the vaccine against covid-19, must wait 14 days to receive the dose to fight the flu. This is one of the main orientations of Health technicians, considering that the two campaigns take place in the same period.

In the Federal District, 1,117,656 people, including the elderly, teachers, health professionals, among others, are part of the target audience of the flu vaccination campaign. According to the Department of Health, immunization will allow, throughout the year, to prevent the appearance of complications resulting from the disease, deaths and their consequences on health services, in addition to minimizing the burden of influenza, reducing the symptoms that can be confused with those of covid-19.


Daniel Amaro, a professor at the University Center of Brasília (UniCeub) and a specialist in immunology and vaccination, explains the importance of vaccination. “As viruses are constantly changing, the protection that a dose offers reduces with time. Knowing this, researchers update vaccines annually, always looking for greater efficacy ”, he said. Although they do not directly prevent covid-19, the expert points out that vaccines reduce the pressure on the health system in relation to flu-like illnesses. “With fewer hospitalizations, we conserve important medical resources, which are in short supply, for the care of people with covid-19”, he ponders.


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