CoronaVac is effective against Brazilian variants of the Coronavirus, says Sinovac

CoronaVac is effective against Brazilian variants of the Coronavirus, says Sinovac
CoronaVac is effective against Brazilian variants of the Coronavirus, says Sinovac

Information was brought by the Butantan Institute on Wednesday, 7

On Wednesday, 7, the Butantan Institute, which produces the CoronaVac vaccine in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac, disclosed that the immunizer in question is effective against Brazilian variants of Covid-19. According to the statement, the vaccine proved to be effective against the D614G mutation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which currently prevails in the world and is common to strains B.1.1.28 (from which the P.1, Amazon and P variants are derived) .2, which appeared in Rio de Janeiro) and B.1.1.33 (from which the N9 variant, recently discovered in Brazil, is derived).

According to Butantan, the information was passed on by Sinovac on Saturday, 3, together with consolidated clinical results from four studies on the application of the immunizer, something that has been carried out in Brazil, China and Turkey since 2020. “Research has shown that, after vaccination, the rate of seroconversion (appearance of specific antibody in an individual’s blood) of neutralizing antibodies against 12 strains of SARS-CoV-2 (including the D614G mutation) ranged from 80% to 100%. Eighty volunteers were evaluated and the strains CZ02, WZL, WGF, ZJY, SSH, JWL, ZYF, HAC, HJL, ZXZ, QHF and NOOR ”, explains the adviser.

“In March, Butantan had already released initial data from a study carried out in partnership with the Institute of Biomedical Sciences at the University of São Paulo, involving 35 people, and which pointed out that CoronaVac was effective against variants P.1 and P. 2 of the new coronavirus ”, says the institute.

According to Butantan, CoronaVac is composed of inactivated viruses, having all parts of the virus, something that is also done with other immunizers in the world. “This can generate a more comprehensive immune response compared to vaccines that use only a part of the Spike protein (used by the Coronavirus to infect cells). As CoronaVac has a complete Spike protein, it can lead to more effective protection against variants that mutate in this element ”, he adds.

Another point in the Sinovac statement is in relation to the safety of the vaccine, considering clinical studies carried out in the three countries with 14 thousand people over the age of 18 years.

With information from the Butantan Institute

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