Cancer Vaccine: Harvard Announces Positive Responses

Researchers at Harvard University, in Massachusetts (USA), released, last Thursday (1st), studies that point out positive responses of a melanoma skin cancer vaccine. According to the research, the immunizer continued to produce antibodies even after years of application.


The vaccine, created individually for the eight patients who have the melanoma removed surgically and participated in the tests, has no capacity to be replicated on a market scale. According to the Harvard professor of medicine and director of the Melanoma Disease Center do Dana-Farber, Patrick Ott, similarities between doses can happen, but they are exceptions.

“In Oncology, when we find a mutation and then use targeted therapy, we often say that it is a personalized approach. Some of the mutations we encounter are shared by groups of patients, but these are, in fact, the exception. Personal neoantigens, seen only in the tumor of that individual patient, are much more common, ”said the professor, according to the Canaltech website.

Baptized NeoVax, O immunizing works with the body to create anti-tumor T cells, specific to the tumor of each patient. These T cells help the immune system to develop long-term immunities against autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

Patrick Ott was one of the lead researchers in the study that involved large institutions, including Harvard and MIT. Photo: reproduction / Harvard


Results are a follow-up to a study of the past

Four years ago, researchers at Harvard University and other institutes, such as the renowned MIT, tested vaccines on patients who had completely removed the melanoma. With the high risk of cancer recurrence, doctors decided to apply the personalized immunizers to understand if it was possible to have positive responses from the body.

With the satisfactory result at the time, researchers remained uncertain about the long-term effectiveness of the immunizer. This new publication, made in the magazine The Harvard Gazette, points to the proof of NeoVax’s effectiveness.

“It can be said that it is an expanding field, where studies are already underway. It will be in a few years. Certainly, there are challenges that need to be overcome, especially the time and cost of manufacture ”, concluded Ott.

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