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The milestone was reached after more than 87,000 elderly people were vaccinated in Fortaleza against Covid-19 over the four days of the Holy Week holiday.

The Capital has already vaccinated 50% of the target public of elderly people in phase 2 of the National Vaccination Plan (PNI). The milestone was reached after more than 87,000 elderly people were vaccinated in Fortaleza against Covid-19 over the four days of the Holy Week holiday. The total refers to the period from Thursday, 1st, until the last Sunday, 4th, when many celebrate Easter.

Counting the applications until 12 o’clock yesterday, 5, almost 1.2 million doses have already been applied throughout Ceará. In all, 1,189,103 doses were applied. According to information from the Ceará Department of Health (Sesa), 955,437 people received the first dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 and 233,666 received the second dose of the immunizer.

Currently, elderly people from 62 years old can already receive the first dose, after registration and scheduling. Only the elderly with an appointment and date can attend the vaccination posts. According to the Secretary of Health, Ana Estela, this week there is an intensification of the use of D2 (dose two) as the first dose.

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“We will continue to intensify the doses of D2 throughout this week. We are practically exhausting the doses received in the city of Fortaleza to apply the first dose”, explained the titleholder. According to the secretary, the capital continues to await the receipt of new immunizers sent by the Ministry of Health (MS).

That amount of doses applied is the new record for people vaccinating. On Sunday, the City Hall had already celebrated the mark of immunizing 84,884 fortresses in the first three days of April. The vaccinated public was received by prior appointment at 65 vaccination sites distributed in the City. 58 health centers, three polyclinics and four vaccination centers were used (RioMar Kennedy and RioMar Fortaleza shopping centers, Arena Castelão and Centro de Eventos).

Fiocruz server prepares Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine for the first application in Brazil. (Photo: Tomaz Silva / Agência Brasil)

The secretary also stressed the decrease in Covid-19 rates and classified this week as important to continue with the numbers of cases and declining health care demand. “We ask the population to continue in isolation. We have the continuity of the strict isolation decree until next week. This week is very important for us to continue reducing the viral circulation”, pointed out Ana Estela.

The circulation of the virus is still “worrying”, points out the secretary. The numbers should continue to fall, according to her, so that there is a safe reopening next Monday, 12. Governor Camilo Santana (PT) announced this Easter Sunday, April 4, that the lockdown in Ceará will continue for another week to date. Camilo explained that, even with the improvement of Covid-19 statistics in the State in the last weeks of the lockdown, the business remains closed for another week, so that there is no risk of premature opening and subsequent setback in the resumption process.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Ceará has confirmed almost 560 thousand cases of Covid-19. Yesterday, 559,431 diagnoses were recorded, according to data from IntegraSus, Sesa’s platform, at 8:44 pm. Accumulated deaths in the state reached 14,692. There are 7,422 cases and 285 deaths more than what was registered on Sunday morning. According to the platform, 23 of these deaths occurred in the last 24 hours. Other deaths that occurred during this period can be registered in the system later.

In the State, the occupancy rate of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for patients with Covid-19 reported at 6:06 pm on Monday was 91.29%. The index considers the total number of beds in the adult ICU, pregnant ICU, infant ICU and neonatal ICU. When only adult vacancies are observed, the occupancy rate was 95.21%. The other types of beds were, respectively, with 27.78%; 56.76% and 44.68% occupancy.

The Oswaldo Cruz Foundation classifies occupancy rates above 80% as a “critical alert zone”. According to data from the same time, Fortaleza was, yesterday, with 90.58% of the ICU beds occupied. In the adult ICU, the rate was 94.51%.

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The waiting list for beds in the state had 884 patients, according to data updated at 7:06 pm yesterday. There were 518 people awaiting transfer to ICU beds and another 366 in line for infirmary beds. Most patients (532) were over 60 years old. In Fortaleza, the queue was 257 patients – 171 for the ICU and 86 for the infirmary. (Collaborated with Gabriela Custódio)

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