Flu vaccination campaign starts this week

unimed laboratory 06 04 2021Unimed Laboratório, a reference in clinical and genetic analyzes in Curitiba and the metropolitan region, started this Monday (05/04), the flu vaccination campaign for 2021. The immunization will happen exclusively in a drive-thru system, in a structure specially set up for vaccination. The laboratory offers a tetravalent / quadrivalent vaccine that protects against A / H1N1, A / H3N2 and two types of (strain) B viruses. Doses are available until stocks are exhausted.

Recommendation – Infectious physician Jaime Rocha, director of Prevention and Health Promotion at Unimed Curitiba and responsible for Unimed Laboratório, explains that “the flu vaccine is indicated for all people, except for babies under 6 months of age”.

Importance – The infectologist reinforces the importance of this immunization as a prevention against unnecessary hospitalizations. “Whoever had the flu vaccine in 2020 is no longer protected and needs to be vaccinated this year as well. The composition of the vaccine is changed every year to contain the strains of the virus that are most circulating in our country, in addition the immunization is valid for 6 months to 1 year ”, guides Rocha. To protect against H1N1, in addition to the vaccine, some measures are recommended, such as constant hand washing, use of gel alcohol, not sharing personal items and the adoption of the famous breathing tag, which consists of sneezing or coughing inside of the elbows. That is, to continue doing everything that we have been doing for a year, in this preventive care routine.

Drive-thru -Following the prevention protocols due to the pandemic, the doses will be applied only at the drive-thru and the patient interested in the immunization against the flu must register at https://www.unimedlab.com.br/. After registering with the intention of making the purchase effective, the patient must wait for the communication by e-mail with the guidelines for the application of the vaccine in the drive-thru. The medical director of Unimed Laboratório, Mauro Scharf, warns that “the registration does not guarantee the vaccine, due to the great demand and finite number of vaccines, so the patient should try to get vaccinated as soon as possible, and this step serves to speed up the process and maintain a higher level of security and distance ”.

Safer – Scharf also points out that the choice of this format for 2021 is because this system is the most secure at the moment. “With the drive-thru system, we guarantee all safety protocols for staff and patients, there is a structure prepared to conserve and maintain the proper temperature of the vaccines. All vaccination procedures and standards required by Organs competent bodies are followed ”. The opening hours will be from 8 am to 7 pm, from Monday to Friday, and from 8 am to 2 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Values – For values ​​and more information about this vaccination, the phones (41) 3021-5252 and (41) 98801-6607 (WhatsApp) are available. Payment must be made, preferably, with a debit or credit card at the time of application of the dose. Unimed Curitiba beneficiaries and Pop Card patients have special conditions. (Unimed Laboratory Press)


Unimed Laboratory

Influenza Vaccine (Flu)

Flu vaccination drive-thru drive 2021

More information: (41) 3021-5252 / 98801-6607 (WhatsApp)

Values: Unimed Curitiba beneficiaries and patients Pop Card R $ 100.00, private R $ 150.00

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