Manaus announces vaccination for people aged 45 to 49 with preexisting diseases | Amazon

Manaus announces vaccination for people aged 45 to 49 with preexisting diseases | Amazon
Manaus announces vaccination for people aged 45 to 49 with preexisting diseases | Amazon

Immunization is applied to adults in this age group who have diabetes mellitus, morbid obesity (BMI> 40) or heart disease.

This Monday (5), people from 50 years old with comorbidities are already being immunized. Receive vaccination too elderly from 60 years e public security officers.

To receive the vaccine, the user must go to the vaccination point, on the day and time indicated by the Immunizes Manaus system, in the option “Consult 1st dose”. On site, you must present a medical report (original and copy), original identification document, with photo, and CPF. Diabetics who do not have a medical report, must present a prescription on official letterhead (from SUS or from a private health establishment).

If the person was unable to register, she can go to a vaccination station with the indicated documents and complete them on the spot. Vaccination points at the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa) operate from 9 am to 4 pm (see addresses below).

To be vaccinated, the person must present a report (original and copy) that proves the pre-existing disease, in addition to an identification document with photo and CPF. In the case of diabetics, it is valid as a proof of prescription (original and copy) from SUS or the private network.

And for those who have morbid obesity, a declaration (original and copy) of proof of BMI (body mass index) equal to or greater than 40, issued by a medical professional or by any other health professional, at a higher level, such as nurse, nutritionist, pharmacist and physical educator.

Adults will be vaccinated with the following health problems: Diabetes mellitus; morbid obesity; heart diseases; heart failure (HF); cor-pulmonale and pulmonary hypertension; hypertensive heart disease; coronary syndromes; heart valve diseases; cardiomyopathies and pericardiopathies; diseases of the aorta, large vessels and arteriovenous fistulas; cardiac arrhythmias; congenital heart disease in adults; valve prostheses and implanted cardiac devices.

The so-called frontline professionals are being immunized, that is, those who perform street services, such as investigation, incident response, among others, such as the inspection of preventive measures against Covid-19.

Security officers are being vaccinated at the Manaus Convention Center (sambódromo) (Avenida Pedro Teixeira, 2.565, Dom Pedro, West zone)

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